New Sarah Palin VPILF T shirt

Check out our new Sarah Palin VPILF t shirt at BurnTees:

When Sarah Palin first had children, she was just a regular MILF like everyone else but she wasn't famous and didn't deserve her own MILF tee. Then Sarah Palin became a governor and became a GILF, but she wasn't well known and didn't deserve her own GILF t-shirt. Now that John McCain has named Sarah Palin as his running mate, she's very famous, but more importantly, she's now a VPILF (or a potential VPILF). Don't forget, you don't have to support McCain/Palin in order to rock this VPILF tee shirt because it's a funny political t shirt...nothing more, nothing less. Only from BurnTees.

Click on the images below to see all the products that you can buy this design on at BurnTees:

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Anonymous said...

You stole the idea from prankplace.com, the original VPILF t-shirt designer.