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What is the Best Hangover Cure?

To help you brave the most—and often least—wonderful time of the year, and because moderating your drinking during the holidays is simply not an option,...more >we offer the following thoroughly researched remedies. Some are ancient, some are new, and nearly all are legal. May the season provide you occasion to try them all.

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Ron Howard Confirms an "Arrested Development" Movie

Life just got a whole lot better because Ron Howard confirmed an Arrested Development movie!!!  If you aren't familiar with the show, get familiar immediately.  Probably the funniest show that's ever been on TV and you can watch all the episodes for free on Hulu.com!  

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Thoughts on the AmEx bailout - by Crazy Carl

i find it hilarious american express needs a bailout of 3.5 billion dollars.

the government should loan the money to the company. and if they are late on a payment, jack the interest rate from 9% to 29%

and call the CEO at home incessantly when the company falls behind.

Well said Crazy Carl, well said.  Don't even get me started on the crazy GM bailout.  Why should we invest in a failing company!?  Let's invest in companies of the future who can actually make money!

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Lots of New Shirts!

Click on any of the designs below to view all of the t-shirts that each image is available on:

Deez Nuts
What's up with those nuts? What nuts? Deez Nuts!

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If you're looking for an awesome retro t shirt or vintage tee, this Slow Your Roll tee-shirt is it.

Big Girls Need Loving Too
Both fat and skinny people will love this Big Girls Need Loving Too tee-shirt.

Droppin Loads
Droppin Loads t-shirt. What kind of loads are droppin? Use your imagination.

Want Me To Make You A Mix Tape?
Graphic and retro looking Want Me To Make You a Mix Tape t-shirt with cassette image.

Big Brother Is Watching
Freak people out with this Big Brother Is Watching tee-shirt.

Let's Go Back To My Place
Use this Let's Go Back To My Place shirt to easily pick up dorky chicks who love 80's movies.

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Thanks to Jean for posting about this site on Twitter.  TwittieMe is a great site where you can post a little blurb about your twitter account to help try and get the word out about your twitter account.  I would have never found HackNYC without it.  Definitely check it out.

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