The Update on BurnTees

So BurnTees has been open for less than a month now, but we're doing pretty well so far. We've averaging about 85 unique visitors a day which I think is great. Just wanted to give you all an update on some of our latest ideas and plans for the site.

We'll definitely be adding a few New Jersey designs within the next few days that we think everyone will really like. Our New Jersey is for Guidos shirt (find it here) has actually been our top seller so far so we're hoping that these new New Jersey shirts will do well. We'll also be adding a new sports design in the near future for the upcoming football season that we know all you Giants fans will enjoy.

Since neither of us are really web designers, future plans for the website itself may take a while, but we have some great ideas in mind. I also wanted to try and get the word out that we'd love to see photos of you with our BurnTees products for our "customer picture" section that doesn't actually exist yet. I've received one picture so far (Thanks Sherly!!) and it looks great. I can't wait to get more so we can get that going.

We've also added a custom design section to our page. If you need shirts made, come to us! As soon as poser boy posts the pictures, we'll have some custom designs posted on the site that he's done in the past. You can email us the idea for the shirt at custom@burntees.com and we'll work with you to design a shirt that's perfect for you (don't forget we can put your design on all types of products. here's a full list).

I know I mentioned this in the newsletter (by the way, if you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, make sure you do by going to the site and putting your email in the space provided on the left. you won't get any spam, just a newsletter from us ever few weeks)...but...if you can...PLEASE click on the links at the bottom of the page to vote for our shirts (Please!!). Every vote counts on those sites and we can really get a lot of exposure if we move up in the ranks. (feel free to click the google ads too cause we make money off of those :) ).

OK, enough about the website.

I'm a little worried to be quite honest. My roomate went to Amsterdam for work, and we haven't heard from him. As far as we know, this is what happened:

Upon arriving in Amsterdam, my roomate (we shall call him Mike) decided that he'd be a good boy since he was there on business and went straight to the hotel. Waking up the next morning, fully rested, Mike was ready to visit the client sites. Boy was he impressive! Mike worked for about 10 hours straight that day and finished a week's worth of work in one day.

The Clients were so impressed that they insisted on taking Mike out for dinner. Mike was reluctant, but in the end accepted the invitation. After a lovely dinner, they moved on to drinks. Mike knew he was in trouble, but tried to maintain his composure. This was, after all, a true test for him.

And boy did he fail. When the clients insisted that he'd had enough, Mike told them to "fuck off!" and preceded to drink by himself at the bar. After an hour by himself, Mike figured it was time to hit up the coffee shops. What better time than when you're wasted already? Mike walked down the street, found the nearest coffee shop, and took a seat.

Thirty five minutes, and 2 joints later, Mike was fucked. When he realized that he didnt' know how to get home, he devised a fool proof plan.

The homeless man's name was Vito and he promised Mike that if he paid him well, he would make sure he got Mike back to his hotel. Vito seemed nice enough, and Mike obliged. What difference did it make? Mike wouldn't even remember the rest of the night anyway.

Mike hasn't been seen since that night, but rumor has it that Mike is still in Amsterdam. After further investigation, authorities have discovered that Vito wasn't a homeless man, he was the most feared Pimp in Amsterdam. Word on the street has it that Mike is currently Vito's personal Man Whore....but doing quite well.

We'll miss you Mikey...and just remember: If you're ever really in trouble, just lock and twist.

Thanks for reading.....


P.S. - Today was my half birthday and I didn't receive cake, presents, or a single phone call. I'm quite depressed.


It's Official...we have a website

It's official, we're on the way to fame and fortune!!! we have our own website!!! Well, there's nothing really there yet, but at least we now own www.burntees.com which is pretty exciting.

Our buddy Mike came over last night to help us out and we can't thank him enough. We thought about paying him with a free tshirt, but we're cheap, so we're not doing that. We could have gotten a lot more work done, but my roomate decided that last night was Tequila night...and...well...if you haven't seen Tequila night, just know that it's a lot of fun to watch. My roomate drunk dialed every girl he knows (after about 10 shots of Tequila)...we really gotta hook him up with that phone service that stops you from drunk dialing certain numbers. I don't know who invented that thing, but it's freaking awesome. (see more about it here)

In case you haven't checked out the site in a few days (BurnTees), make sure you go check it out cause we've added some great designs. And if we've somehow held your interest, make sure to keep checking the site cause we have some great Dirty Jersey designs coming up that all your Belmar lovers are sure to enjoy. And for all you Giants fans/Eagles haters, we have something special coming up for you too.

We also want to let everyone know that you can now email us with any question, comments, ideas, or just to tell us that you hate us at yousuck@burntees.com. In addition, if you're interested in a job, you can email us at nothiring@burntees.com. So, that's it for now...so until next time...

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Our first blog

I've never written a blog before. To be quite honest, i'm assuming no one will ever read this. But, I read that blogs help bring traffic to your website...so...here we are.

Only here, at the BurnTees blog, will you find out the true store of how BurnTees came to be...who it's creators are...and how they met. so sit back, relax, and enjoy the story.

I remember arriving in New Brunswick on August 28th, 1998 for my first day of college. And I remember graduating sometime in May of 2002. Everything else between those two dates is a bit of a blur. I remember arriving quite early in the morning of the 28th to ensure I got the good bed and that I wouldn't be sitting in traffic all morning waiting for my turn to unload the car. My parents and brother were all there to send me off to college...what a day.

We brought everything from the car to the hallway outside my door, as did everyone else. Needless to say...it was quite a madhouse on that hot day at Tinsley 2. One by one, my roomate Pat and I brought our things into our room and started unpacking....things were going great so far.

I don't remember the exact time, but somewhere during the unloading some other kid walks into our room. All I can remember thinking was,"look at this fucking poser! I knew Rutgers was diverse..but look at this kid!"

"Excuse me?" poser boy says, "i think this box is mine."
"Pat is that yours?" i say?
"No" Pat responds
"Well poser boy? it must be yours then."
and we were back to unpacking.

Only later during the extremely fun "ice breaker" games did I learn that poser boy's real name was Shaun.

Over the weeks, i grew quite close to Shaun and his roomate Chris. They were super nice. They'd let me blast the music i wanted to hear from my room, then come into their room and use their internet for hours at a time! and once in a while, they'd let me sit in while they told each other how much they loved each other.
"I love you Chris."
"I love you too Shaun."
i mean...i knew college was gonna be great...but this was fucking awesome!!!

Fast forward to the present ...2005, 7 years later. Nothing important happened in between...and if it did, i don't remember it, so you'll just have to deal. Blame it on drugs, or whatever you want...but i agree...my mother should definitely not have smoked so much "grass" while she was pregnant with me.

So...somehow, after 7 years, i'm still friends with the poser. and things worked out great...he's an awesome graphic design artist, and i'm....well.....worthless but sometimes funny. So we figured that we could combine his talent with my...ahem...talent and get something to work here. And so we bring you BurnTees.

BurnTees has recently been called the greatest tshirt company in the universe (by me) and was also recently awarded the schmoil trophey for fastest growing website on the internet (by schmoil). We invite you to check out BurnTees and signup for the newsletter (we promise you won't get spam...just the newsletters that we sent to you) and make sure you tell all of your friends about it. For all you losers out there that don't have any friends...you can just signup for the newsletter with each of the 8 email addresses that you are currently using.

Till next time...thanks for reading.
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