The BurnTees Rant n Rave

I have a few things i'd like to rant about and what better place to do it than on my BurnTees blog. So, I hope I don't offend anyone because that, of course, is not the point. But if you have something to say, please just leave a comment.

1) Tipping the doorman

It has recently dawned on me that come the holidays, it is necessary to tip your doorman. Now, I have no problem with the thinking behind that, but when you have about 10 doormen, 5 maintenence guys, and a concierge (as I currently do), the tipping seems to get just a bit out of hand. My understanding is that the minimum acceptable is amount is about $25 per doorman, maybe $15 per maintenence guy, and $35 for the concierge (remember, this is the MINIMUM). That comes out to $250 on doormen, $75 for maintenence, and $35 for the concierge for a grand total of........$360!!!! Am I the only person that thinks this is insane?!

Don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate the doormen. Anytime they help me out (bring up packages, help me unload and carry up groceries) I give them a tip. So, does this mean I should stop tipping them and only tip them during the holidays? Or should I not tip them during the holidays and only tip when they actually do something for me? What if I don't tip during the holidays or tip too little...are they not going to do their job anymore when it comes time to help me out?

If someone has some further information on this, I'd really appreciate it...cause to be honest...I just can't afford this.

Well, time to get back to work. hopefully i'll have some more time and I can rant a little more because I have quite a few things to say about the widely loved Extreme Home Makeover.


Kiss My Ass Dunkin Donuts

This has bothered me for a while, but I'm a little bored, so I figured I'd take this opportunity to rant about Dunkin Donuts.

Does Dunkin Donuts believe that since they're food and coffee are just so amazingly good that they can have the world's dumbest people working there and the customers will just keep coming back anyway? Has anyone else noticed this? ANYONE?!

Pet Peeve number 1: Why do they ask me what I want when they're never going to remember in the first place??!?!?

Dunkin Donuts Employee: "CAN I HELP NEXT PLEASE!" (no, that's not a typo, that's what they say)
Me: "Hello, can I please have a toasted whole wheat bagel with egg and cheese please?"
DDE: "Sure"
(as they reach for the plain bagel)
Me: "Excuse Me! I said whole wheat, not plain"
DDE: "No sir, you said plain"
Me: (in disbelief) "Fine, then i'd like to change it. Can I please have whole wheat"
DDE: "And what do you want on it?"
Me: "I'm thinking the same thing I asked for originally. Egg and Cheese please"

Now, this is my favorite part. Peering over the counter to try and watch so if they start to fuck up, you can catch it early. Oh yea...insert Jeopardy music here while you wait and wait and wait.

DDE: "Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese!! Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese!! Who ordered a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese?!?!?"
Me: "Um, I ordered whole wheat with egg and cheese?"
DDE: "Not a whole with with cream cheese?"
Me: "No, like I've said twice now...whole wheat with egg and cheese."
DDE: "ok, sorry, one minute"

Now, that's just one example!! I used to go to dunkin donuts EVERYDAY before work, an at least 3 times a week that would happen. I mean, how is that possible?!

Another thing that really chaps my ass is their lack of knowledge in regards to english muffins. Does anyone out there eat their english muffin without toasting it?! anyone?!?!? THEN WHY DO I HAVE TO ASK THEM TO TOAST MY ENGLISH MUFFIN?!!? Last time I was there, I ordered an egg and cheese sandwich on an english muffin. After getting my order, I opened the bag (see example number 1 for reasons why I always check my order before leaving) and notice that my sandwich isn't hot...it's not even warm. So, I open the wrapping only to notice that my english muffin isn't toasted. GREAT!

Me: "Excuse me. You didn't toast my english muffin"
DDE: "You didn't ask for it to be toasted"

WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!? Who DOESN'T toast their english muffin?! So now, everytime I order an english muffin, I have to ask for them to toast it. And just a little advice? chances are they're going to have to put it thru the toaster again because it will NOT be toasted after one time thru.

Now, many other things can happen while at Dunkin Donuts that'll really chap your ass, but this last one really gets to me. Now, I guess it would just be too much work for them, but some Dunkin Donuts won't put sugar, sweet n low, or anything like that in your coffee because they leave it on the side for you to do yourself. Issue 1 with this: WHY ARE THEY NOT DOING THIS FOR ME?!!?? You're making me coffee and that's part of the process. SO DO IT YOUR-FUCKING-SELF!

Issue 2 with this...they never tell you until AFTER that you have to do it yourself. So, when you go up and ask for a coffee with cream and two sweet n low, they just kind of nod at you as if to say,"No problem". When you get your coffee and take that first sip, you of course notice that there's no sweet n low in your coffe (of course, you think back to issue one and figure they were just stupid and didn't get your order right). So you say to them,"Excuse me, I don't think there's any sweet n low in here." And they inevitably respond with "Sweet n low is on the side, you have to do it yourself"

YOU BASTARD!!! Don't you think that this happens like 90 times a day at these Dunkin Donuts? Don't you think they'd at least have a sign or something that said "Do it yourself sweetners on the side". Or maybe when I asked for cream and two sweet n low she could respond with,"I'm sorry, you have to do the sweet n low yourself on the side" But NO! She just smiles and nods knowing that she won't be putting any sweet n low in. I hate you.

So Dunkin Donuts, how bout you get your fucknig act together. Because if you don't, not only will I kill every employee that fucks up my order, I may just start going there once a day instead of twice a day.


Ok, I know I've been slacking with the blog, but 1) I've been busy and 2) Just haven't had much to write about. I guess I can do more of those features, but to be honest, the only ones that i've gotten recently just haven't been that good. I'm thinking about doing features and picking my favorites...but that's just so much more work than having someone else write it...although it looks like my only choice.

Might as well take this opportunity to plug our affiliate program again. You can find information in our Affiliate Section and sign up thru that link. Remember...everytime you direct someone to BurnTees and they purchase a product, you get 20% of the sale. If they buy 2 t shirts for $20 each, you make $8. Also, the cookie remains for 30 days so if they go to the shop, don't buy anything, but come back again after a week and buy something, you still get the affiliate sale. It's a really good deal (honestly one of the highest payouts on the web) and all it takes is copying and pasting a few links. Could be on your webpage, blog, or even a MySpace or Friendster profile.


The BurnTees affiliate program

We'll make this short and sweet. If you're interested in becoming a BurnTees affiliate, email us at affiliate@burntees.com. All you need to do is post some links, and you'll be able to make 20% of every sale that you send to BurnTees.




I just found this blog and you HAVE to go check it out. Great stuff.


Some Random Stuff

I just want to put a link up to this article...it's a good read:

Part 1
Part II


But You Don't Look Sick

From the age of fifteen, I has been diagnosed with a myriad of illnesses from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Epstein Barr, and finally, many years later to a determination of Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Though battling a shopping list of symptoms, I have consistently been told, by both well-wishers and doctors alike, “But you don't look sick.” as if that was some kind of compensation for being chronically ill. Many times, being pretty or not sickly looking, made it harder to validate an illness you cannot see.

I guess it started back in college when friends would see pills on my desk and ask what they were for....I had to explain that the pills weren't recreational and that I was sick. Without fail I would always here the now infamous words "But you don't Look sick?". I would always try to respond with something witty like... "I forgot to stamp my forehead with sick girl", or "would you rather if I was pale, skinny and puking?" The best response so far as been my standard reply of "That's just the look I was going for!" It always threw people off, got them to ask questions, laugh, or talk... and in the end they got to learn a little bit about me, and hopefully a little bit about anyone dealing with an invisible illness.

I get stared at when I use my handicapped-parking pass. I get judged when I wait in the same doctors office as the elderly. When I take out my pocketbook, and you see 8 bottles of pills--instead of makeup and a wallet--I get the same confused stare. I don’t fit the mold that people expect when they see someone with a disability.

I started making shirts on cafepress for myself or for friends that said But you don't look sick, everyone loved them so much- that I started making more that said Lupus sucks! (As positive of a person as I try to be... There is no better way to say it-- it just sucks!) I wore but Lupus sucks shirt to the grocery store and stranger stopped me and asked me where I purchased the shirt, I said that I made it-- and before long- she bought one for her daughter etc.

I run a website and a message boards called Butyoudontlooksick.com and I started receiving requests for many illnesses on the "sucks" shirts... and even other quotes like "sick and tired of being sick and tired" etc. I add new designs and quotes every week.

So far it has been a big hit! I love the people I have met through cafepress and it makes me happy to add some humor to living with sickness.

Thank you,


Obviously Christine's shop couldn't be more different than BurnTees, but we're still huge fans. I browsed around Chrstine's website, and you have to make sure you check it out. Even though Christine emailed me the above story, I almost used this story instead...it's a must read.

So make sure to check out Christine's site. There's a message board, articles, all kinds of interesting stuff. And Chrstine...our prayers are with you.


Some Random Stuff

Just like it says in the title...some random stuff.

I'm totally addicted to this game...check it out: Sudoku. It's a logic game...you can sit there all day at work doing these.

You're going to love me for this. This website, quickbase.com tells you how to skip all the automated answering machines (press 1 for this, press 2 for that). what a lifesaver!!!

And of course, I'd like to express my disappointment in the Giants run defense. At least Eli looked good.

Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to announce our new Halloween Section in BurnTees. Make sure you order now so you'll get your Halloween shirts in time for the holiday.

And lastly, these are some of my favorite designs that I've seen on CafePress...feel free to check them out (sorry it looks so messy - just scroll down a bit to see them. just click on the picture to check them out):


The Seventh Sense

Neither my husband nor I are huge car fans, but when you spend a year of Fridays and Sundays driving for six hours straight, you start to get a little obsessed. We're newlyweds, and we just finished spending our engagement in different states. We are one of those hopelessly clingy couples, so every single Friday night he would drive from Boston to Connecticut then home to New Hampshire, so we could spend weekends together. Then he would do it all over again on Sunday night, so I could collapse into bed and go to class on Monday morning, and he could collapse into bed and go to work.

With all this driving, you can imagine that we saw some pretty funny and freaky driving. We had more than our share of old ladies who looked like the witch on a bicycle from the Wizard of Oz: "You just try to pass me. Just try." It was always so satisfying when my now-husband left them in the dust…or it would have been if they had noticed that their obnoxiously slow driving was pissing people off.

We made this design after a pretty scary incident with a Scion just outside of Boston. This guy decided to pass us on the right and cut us off leaving us only two inches of space between our cars instead of the courteous Boston standard of three. He, of course, had no idea why this was a problem, and spent a good ten minutes with his finger in the air. The incident sparked a long discussion about idiot drivers—especially idiot drivers from Connecticut.

We like to joke that Connecticut drivers are Massachusetts drivers without the skill and New York drivers without the attention span. The closer you get to the New York or Massachusetts lines, the worse the drivers get. Everyone I've ever talked to about it seems to agree on this, though, there are a million opinions on what this actually looks like. Since I spent 3,120 hours driving last year, I consider myself an expert on the subject.

Massachusetts drivers are ruthless, but at least they have skill if they're from Boston—and every driver east of Worcester swears they're from "Bah-ston". If you enter the state expecting Survival of the Fittest to be the rule of the road, and you're sure that your Civic is the fittest, you'll be fine. Connecticut drivers are rude, too, but they have the added bonus of not just being obnoxious but also completely clueless. Maybe it's the cell phones. Maybe it's the toxic fumes coming from the constant construction on every single road in the whole entire state. If you don't get out these drivers' way, you're toast, especially if you're still in that tough little Civic, and they're driving an SUV—and most Connecticutians drive SUVs.

When you get to the New York border of Fairfield County in Connecticut (think Stepford Wives) you meet an entirely different brand of driver—the Wanna-Be New Yorker. Massachusetts drivers drive at least 20 M.P.H. over the speed limit, but New York drivers crawl. Maybe it's because they're used to grid-lock in "the city"; or maybe it's because of the infamous New York traffic cops; but New York drivers drive way below the speed limit, talk on their cell phones, and slam on their brakes for absolutely no reason at all. You'd think this style of driving would be the recipe for an accident, right? Well, in all my driving, I have yet to see a New York plate on a smashed up car. Maybe this is because New Yorkers are highly skilled, but I doubt it. My theory is that it's because they're consistent. They always drive the same speed—even if it is 35 MPH on the highway.

New York drivers might pull this kind of insanity off; but, you guessed it, Connecticut drivers do not. These New York influenced drivers might drive slowly, but this isn't because they're afraid of hefty tickets. Oh, no. They drive slowly because they're so distracted by the cell phone that's been surgically attached to their ear that they gradually take their foot off the gas until they stop. When there's a Massachusetts driver tailgating them, this is when accidents happen—causing the infamous Connecticut Accordion Effect. It's not a pretty sight. However, if you've spent 1/3 of a year driving like me, watching accidents is sometimes the only entertainment available—creating the also infamous Connecticut Rubber-Neck Syndrome

see, this is why i don't own a car and never have. Ok, maybe it's because I can't afford one, but when you hear horror stories like this...who wants one?!

Make sure to check out The Seventh Sense often because they like to rotate their designs and there's always something new on the site.


Montlcair Wear


I grew up in Kansas and like many queers do, I migrated to NYC 6 years ago.
(Toto - I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, thank god!) When we decided
that we needed to live in Jersey for tuition purposes, a wave of panic
rushed over me. Joisey!?! Oh no!! Was I going to be back in the land of
"big box" stores and outdated hair? We were advised that not all of New
Jersey lives up to its bad reputation. Luckily, we found Montclair.

Have you ever lived in one of those towns that's so quaint, so chic, so
desired - that whenever you tell folks where you live, the response is
always "Oooooooh, you live in _____." Well, it turns out that Montclair is
one of those towns. Who knew! Montclair is 12 miles west of NYC and has
become home to many Upper West Siders and Park Slopers who want the suburban
conveniences with all the benefits of a city life. We have tons of arts and
culture, a beautiful housing stock, a top-notch public school system, and
unlimited fine dining opportunities. In short, we are one of the "it"
places to live in New Jersey.

I've become pretty involved in the community and started up a queer
organization. From that spawned a local queer blog and I made some tshirts
at Cafepress to support the site. After a few weeks, I realized that I was
pretty good with the tshirt designs and went full throttle!

MontclairWear.com sells tshirts and other products which show off our 07042
status. Our designs vary in style, from modern to retro. Our main line of
shirts are "Montclair-inspired" original designs. These graphic tees are
similar to those you see in Old Navy, GAP, Abercrombie and
the like, featuring unique designs for (ficticious) local businesses. Our
products range from sex kitten to urban hipster. And because Montclair is
full of NYC-transplants, our tagline is "Montclair Wear - Urban Chic for the

Since Montclair is notoriously liberal, we have a large selection of
products in our "Politics & Social Commentary" section which deal with
local, state and national issues. I'm naturally a sarcastic person with a
pretty dry sense of humor, which is carried over to my tshirts. We get a
lot of hits to our Politics Section, as we have lots of anti-bush shirts and
so forth.

I think the cornerstone to my site is showing off the pride one has for
their community. It's a wonderful thing to find a place that truly feels
like home to you and where you can thrive, build a family, create
friendships and have a sense of community. For this reason, we will soon be
expanding our designs beyond Montclair and into all of Northern NJ. Maybe
Dorothy was right - there is no place like home.

Since we're from Jersey, we of course are biased towards this shop. HOWEVER...now that you're here...can you admit that no one actually says Joisey? I never really understood where that came from.

What a great mix on this shop...Montclair NJ t shirts, anti Bush tees, and gay shirts...a PERFECT combination. We may have to change our format over at BurnTees. Also, I think the fans of montclairwear.com might also enjoy our latest anti Bush design: click here to see it


Still Accepting Submissions

Just wanted to let everyone know that we're still accepting submissions for featured shops on the BurnTees blog. email us at our gmail account with your shop info and your story and we'll work on getting your shop featured.

Also, every once in a while we still have to promote our own shop. Make sure you check out BurnTees because there are a bunch of new designs up and a LOT more coming very soon. We're also in the process of adding a holiday section, so check back soon for Halloween and Christmas/chanukah/kwanza shirts just in time for the holidays!!!

Oh yea...one other thing...GO GIANTS!!!!!!


3 Girls and Us


So...make no mistake...I'm a dad. I've got 3 girls. Hey, in my household, I'm over-run with female hormones. At the last count it's 14:1 on the girls:guys ratio. (You really want the full run-down? Oh, ok then...3 kids, my wife, the two cats and eight fish).

I work full time. And to make an extra crust (hey, you'd have to with that many women to support!!!) I started a T-shirt store. Well, 'we' started a T-shirt store my wife would say. We're both creative (I'm most proud of my recent 1st Prize in the Pencil Drawing category at our local village fair!!) and thought it would both be a good outlet for our creative juices and might help pay for a few things...the ballet lessons, the jazz lessons, the piano lessons, the shoes...

And now I can't sleep at night. I'm hooked on T-shirts. Everywhere I go I see them...and every time I spot someone with a groovy one I just HAVE to get a close-up look (I'm gonna get arrested one of these days!). We brainstorm ideas on a regular basis. Usually when we're driving in the car, kids in the back seat. That's when "Super Pooper" was born - we were talking about Super Heros after watching the Incredibles at the cinema. Other designs come from the wonderful experience that is being a parent...like our "can you smell something" baby T-shirt.

How would I sum up our clothes? Cute, cheeky, cool, groovy clothes for babies, kids, mums and dads. (We try not to leave the parents out...but have to admit, the kids get most of the attention - just like real life - so you'll find stacks of designs in our store for young ones).

And then there's the store's name. Well, that was simple - it had to be about us as a family since our clothes are all about that. so it had to be "3 Girls and Us". Brilliant. Simple. Unique.


...now my wife might be pregnant. Oh boy! Hey, if only it really is a boy!! Some male company for me! Someone to kick a ball round with. Someone to fly kites with. (Hey, that gives me a great idea for a T-shirt...)

And as for the store name? Well, maybe we'll have to change it. "3 Girls and Us...and our Boy!"


The 3 Girls...how could I not include this picture?

First of all, the store is great...obviously. But the whole 4 women in one household to 1 guy thing just cracks me up. I have a friend who is one of three girls and everytime I'm over there, I just can't image how her father has made it this far in life. Matt, do you beg your guy friends to go out and watch the game and stuff? or are you always stuck watching My Little Pony (note: I have no idea what little girls watch on tv these days. The only thing i could think of was My Little Pony from back in the day)

I really don't have much more to write...but I still can't get over this. I'm trying to put myself in Matt's shoes, and I just don't think I could do it...I'd go crazy. My wife would come home, I'd have one of the girls dressed up as a boy, mitt on her hand, FORCING her to play catch as she's crying that she wants her doll back. "You'll get your doll back when you catch the ball!! Now try it again!!!".

Well Matt...good luck...you'll need it. Wait till they're in high school.....


One Rich Girl

See, this is why I need to do my own thing.
I work at the airport, okay, it's McDonald's in the airport, but it's still important.It's actually a very cool job because it's so different actually working near this huge transportation. But sometimes, it sucks, like last week. Being in fast food, I never realized how temporary your job could be. I've met so many people, and honestly, a month will go by without seeing a person ("Where' John?") and come to find out, they got fired, and no one knew except the Managment. ("Aw, that's awful!")

So, here' the thing. One of the manager's had called someone a "F****** Bitch" in front of the counter, hence, the customers. Obviously, he was fired. Yet, a couple days ago, they asked him to come back! Am I dumb, or is that a retard move? On top of that, because of the situation, the general manager of the store, the big honcho (actually, she's like three inches tall) put in for her two weeks. For those who don't know, putting in your "two weeks" means after that amount of time, your done. You quit after that. So, since she did that, ANOTHER manager put in his two weeks, someone got fired AND rehired, and two other workers put in their two weeks as well.
I have to be careful if I'm going to stay out of this mess. That's why I draw, that's why I do my art. To vent, to do something better than what I'm doing the rest of the crappy day. And sometimes it is fun at my job, u know, but that's all it is. A job, and that alone is temporary.

My shop is called "One Rich Girl". Its designs aren't just for rich girls, but it's more about the lifestyle and what people think a rich girls acts like. For example, one of my shirts says "I only brought you to hold my bags." See, clever huh? It's about attitude, and taking what you want, or having it being given to you. A lot of girls are spoiled today, but it's not just the parents. The media, music, television..everything is bigger, and better, and more expensive now. People have to run to keep up with these celebrity trends and fashins, not to mention all of the rumors surrounding them that we're blinded by the fact that they are just people. And some of them were not rich to start with. I have a quote that might be on a shirt soon. "Paris was smart enough to be born into the right family!" U can't say it isn't true...


So, Jacy, what do you think of the movie Supersize Me? Does it make you hate McDonalds? or do you just not care either way. I'm just curious, that's all.

Jacy's got two great shops and I didn't want to feature just one. The link in the title and the "bag" design on the top of the post both bring you to the One Rich Girl Shop and the "hat" design at the bottom of the blog with take you to Jacy's Starvin' Art Shop. Make sure to check out both because they're both totally original and BurnTees loves both equally (and not like my mom says I love you both equally, cause I know she's lying). Also, check out more of Jacy's work at Art Wanted.com and her brand new blog at onerichgirl.blogspot.com.


Redneck as Hell

I have several shops besides my JWG Design store, one of which I thought
may be more entertaining than jwgdesign. It's called Redneck as Hell,
and I created it to benefit my brother-in-law after his recent massive
heart attack. He is 38 and has had kind of a hard life. Sounds really
entertaining, right? :-) He is an admitted redneck, and like many of
the folks around these parts that are rednecks, he doesn't mind being
called one. And we aren't talking about the evil rednecks, that hate
people they don't understand, etc. These are country folk who don't
feel the need to be any other way.

I solemnly swear that what I am about to tell you is completely true.

We'll use his stage name here, Maverick. He is a former exotic dancer
with an artificial hip. No, he did not get the artificial hip from
exotic dancing injuries. He danced with an artificial hip. The hip came
about from an accident in high school in which he was hit by a pick-up
truck. He stepped out from behind a school bus, and the pick-up truck
hit him. He went on to overcome the injury to shake his stuff all over
North America.

How did he do so, you ask?

It's a classic story of two best friends who decide, on a lark, to
enter an amateur stripping contest, at their favorite country music
nightclub, "Country Music, USA." The final 2 contestants would compete
at an upcoming show featuring a professional male stripping group.

For seven weeks, Maverick and his best friend competed against other
contestants, rising through the ranks until the inevitable happened,
they were the last two contestants. What had started as a lark was now
a full-blown dream, but for Maverick to win, his best friend had to
lose, and where was the victory in that?

Maverick danced his heart out, but it just wasn't enough. His best
friend won, and Maverick's hopes of stripper glory were dashed. He went
back to his life as a regular guy. Well, a regular guy who had bared
his cheeks in front of a full night club for 7 weeks.

Two days later, the phone rang. It was the manager of the professional
male stripping group. He had a bus ticket with Maverick's name on it,
and he wanted Maverick and his best friend to be on a bus to Seattle in
2 days.

The rest is history and also a litany of stories, some that would make
you laugh till you cry and some just cry. Maverick ended his stripping
career as the half-naked assistant to a female stripper whose act was a
magic show involving a mountain lion. But not before he danced to a
beat up old boombox on a crappy folding table in a freezing cold
Quonset Hut in Alaska with a rubber band around his equipment to offset
shrinkage. Doesn't sound dangerous, but one of his fellow dancers ended
up in the emergency room afterwards with a burst blood vessel in
his...well...down there...

This past June, Maverick had a massive heart attack brought on by a
particular blocked artery known in medical circles as the "widowmaker".
He survived something that few people do.

So, to help bring in a little money, I created the store for him, based
on a phrase he uses. When people say to him, "No offense, but this
redneck guy did this or that...", he always answers with, "Aww...I'm
redneck as hell."

That's the synopsis of his life story as a stripper. I left out a lot
of the details. He tells these stories a lot better than me.



No John, thank you. What an awesome story. John's artwork is brilliant, but we're also huge fans of his stuff because he's just awesome. Keep up the great work John. Make sure to check out his other shop: jwgdesign.


Parapluie Designs

Ice, ice, icicle

Pop, pop, popsicle

Test, test, testicle?

Scratching your head on that one? That's what we aim for at Parapluie Designs. We like offering shirts that make people stare, think, and go "Ahhhhh." We may not have the flashiest designs, but our shirts are for the man who dares to provoke thought. We love irony, we love puns, we love our shirts. It seems like other people do too. Our site is quickly moving up the ranks of premier t-shirt providers on the internet.

Need a shirt to wear to your most boring class? Try our "DILLIGAF" shirt. Wondering what it means? That's where the staring and thinking come in. You see the big letters and wonder. Then you get close and you see "Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?" written underneath. Ahhhhh. It makes sense now. Want a shirt to wear out on the town while kicking back a few with your friends? "My Drinking School Has a Liberal Arts Problem" is sure to rouse the locals. (Also available for Engineering School students). Self conscious about your weight? "I'm Not Fat, I'm In The Fitness Protection Program" will surely have others laughing with you and not at you!

Visiting our site is an experience by itself. We get hundreds of visitors a day who just come in to laugh at our designs. They are funny, they are witty, and most of all they are what college kids are thinking. Why not wear your thoughts on your shirt? It's easier than starting a conversation.

Parapluie Designs offers free gifts to anyone that sends in a picture of themselves in one of our shirts. So email us with those pictures and contact us here with any questions.

Paraplui Designs

It's easy to see why Paraplui is so damn successful...just take a look at their store. Even though they could be considered competition, we're huge fans. Keep up the great work. (i'd hype them up so more...but they don't need it)


Shameless Humor

Shameless Humor is the latest shop to be featured in the BurnTees blog, and it's easy to figure out why. We're huge fans of this shop because the type of humor is so similar to our own. (Anything not in italics is written by the owner of Shameless Humor)

Fate led me to start my shop when customers at the restaurant where I work started laughing at the cartoons I drew on cocktail napkins.

I thought I'd silkscreen some t-shirts, and peddle them where I could, perhaps even start-up a website....

Then, thanks to my lovely wife, Terri, I decided to go even further with the idea. Terri learned about CafePress, and said, "Dude, your stuff is funny. You should color it, and start a store online." So I did.

Shameless Humor was born with twelve cartoons about wacky stuff. It's rapidly developing into an all-consuming artistic romp across space and time. I started writing funny words on shirts, in a simple, black and white layout and people loved it. Then I moved onto digital artwork, and then captioning vintage photos, and I don't think I'll stop there.

It freaks me out totally that people are wearing my designs. It's weird and cool that somewhere out there, someone else is wearing my "If I were a monkey, I'd throw poop at you." shirt and is getting the same reactions I get when I wear mine. Having people buy my art makes it not so strange to call myself an artist.

I just want to make people laugh. And think. And think they're laughing.

My shop is a rad blast, no matter what ever becomes of it. But I hope it becomes a money-makin' spaceship ride to planet Self-Employed.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out.


No Kevin, you're a rad blast. It's hard to add to what Kevin's written, so we'll just let his store speak for itself. Go check out Shameless Humor and help Kevin make it to the plant Self-Employed as soon as he can. Keep up the great work Kevin.


New Mission Designs


New Mission Designs is our newest featured CafePress store. As soon as they wrote in to us, we knew that they would be next. Please note that what's in italics was written by BurnTees...everything else was written by New Mission Designs.

I'm very happy with the name I chose for the shop, "New Mission Designs." It refers very directly to a landmark of my neighborhood, the New Mission Theater. The idea is that the life of the neighborhood (San Francisco's Mission District) has revolved around or mirrored the life of that theater and continues to do so -- the theater and its marquee are really an icon of the neighborhood. More personally, the towering marquee was a prominent sign of home, one that was visible from far away as I left or returned to the house in which I grew up.

My shop has grown in diversity since I opened it. Originally most of the designs spoke to my identity as queer, and were designed for a similar audience (see my "Hot Guys" and LGBT Pride sections). But soon enough I added shirts that were funny enough, but not really very gay, so I diversified into a general humor section and a political section. Those sections have ended up being my most popular (I do get a lot of Google searches for "hot guys," but I think they're looking for something other than shirts and they don't stay).

In the coming months, I will likely be focusing on some political designs. The California special election is too good a source of material to let pass. Rest assured, though, that I'll still be putting up new designs in the other sections as inspiration strikes. If you want to know about these updates, sign up for the newsletter it the right-hand column of my store (all email addresses kept extremely private by Cafepress, of course) and check back often to see what we come up with!

BurnTees is a big fan of this shop. We're fans of the design, but more importantly, what the shop has to say. We're not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that...Seinfeld fans?), but we believe greatly in the freedom of choice. Hopefully one day we'll live in a world where sexual discrimination is frowned upon as much as racial discrimination is.

Oh yea, and we love how all the designs in the hot guys section have names. This way, when you're wearing the shirt, and some naive gay bashing idiot says to you,"what the hell is that!?"...you can calmly respond,"oh, that's Gabe." (note: I was going to say gay bashing republican but...well...I like controversy, but not that much.)


Our First Featured Store - Suzy Q Shirts

Below is the first of many (we hope) blogs featuring different CafePress owners and stores. As you can see, Suzy Q Shirts is NOTHING like BurnTees, but that doesn't matter. We'll feature any shop who's products we like and who's little blog entry we like. I found this one entertaining, so congratulations to Suzy Q Shirts...you're the first featured shop.

my website: SuzyQShirts.com
my cafeshop: CafePress/SuzyQShirts

I wrote this recently in my own blog:
Thought for the day - cupcakes are the new donuts.

Folks, it has happened again. Fashion, food, and party trends start on the U.S. Coasts - New York, Los Angeles, Seattle - and slowly creep inward to the rest of the country. Sometimes trends are already 'out' in LA before they come 'in' in the Midwest. The latest craze is - get this - cupcakes.

No more doughnuts at the office staff meeting - now our fashionable designer coffee must be accompanied by a tray of fashionable designer cupcakes. Yummy moist cake in colorful paper cups piled high with butter cream frosting and sprinkles. I have to admit - I like this new trend.

Cupcakes are fun. Everybody lightens up a little when the cupcakes walk in the room. I hear they are even making wedding cakes from cupcakes these days. I think that's a great idea too. I've spent several wedding receptions trying to slice my cousins wedding cakes properly. If we'd had cupcakes, I could have spent more time enjoying the parties.

You can see my new t-shirt and gift designs dedicated to cupcakes (and a few for the lost
doughnuts) here



There you have it. Our first featured store. Make sure to check out Kiwi's other stores:

Lane Tour 7, Hurricanes Blow, and Freedom Isn't Free

All this talk about cupcakes brings back bad memories. Remember when you had your birhday in elementary school and you got to walk around and hand out munchkins to all the other teachers? yea, well I never got to do that. My birthday was always during Christmas break so not only did I not get to walk around and hand out munchkins to teachers, I never even got to have a birthday party in class :( One of these days, I'm gonna go to an elementary school and finally celebrate my birthday right.


Tell us About your store

Last week's "links" blog was quite successful...so we're going to take it a step further. Every few days, we'll feature a different CafePress store on our blog. Email us at our gmail account with your store information, and we'll feature the store in our next blog if we like what we see. So, write to us now and hopefully we'll pick you next.

And remember, we're not looking for some boring PR thing here...I want to be entertained and our readers want to be entertained. In your email, write a little bit about yourself or your shop, and try to make it entertaining. In addition, include some of your own favorite links that you think other people might enjoy.

That's it for now...any questions, feel free to leave a comment on the blog.

Actually, while I have you hear...just a little rant:

On my floor in my office there is one mens room. In that one mens room (shared by at least 50 men) there are two urinals. One of those urinals is normal, and the other one is kids size. Now, this bothers me a little. Are there children working at my office? No. So, why are we wasting this space??!!? Nobody in my office can use the tiny urinal and I just don't understand why they can't have a second normal sized urinal there. It just doesn't make sense. I can see if there was a blind guy on our floor and his seeing eye midget needed to use the bathroom....but there is no blind guy and there is certainly not a seeing eye midget!!! (although, obviously I wish there was).


BurnTees' favorite links

Before we get to the links, we'd like to congratulate ourselves. Just today, BurnTees eclipsed the 15,000 new visitor mark. Congratulations to us!!!

Now, on to the blog:

I thought I'd put together a collection of some of our favorite links...cause I know that there are people bored at work just like me. If you've got a favorite link that you think should be on the list, just add a comment with the link...I'll check it out and add it if it's good.

BurnTees - What, you think we're not going to list our own site first?!?!

CafePress - interested in designing your own shirt? or even better...opening your own shop? CafePress is the place to go (make sure you put down BurnTees as your referral!!!). I recommend checking out This section in particular for really cool stuff - lots of retro designs, vintage shirts, all that cool stuff that everyone's wearing these days. So, go check it out.

Group Hug - People expressing emotions...interesting stuff

Lowbrow - HOURS of fun. Just hit F5 to refresh the page

Craigslist Best Of - a collection of the best craigslist posts. Very entertaining

Mattia Comics - a comic written by a friend of mine. I'm probably the only one who thinks it's funny...but check it out anyway.

One Across - If you're like me and you'd rather cheat on a crossword puzzle just so you can say you finished it...this is the place to go

The Velvet Rope - a great entertainment industry forum.

Yahoo Games - if you don't already know about Yahoo Games....just kill yourself

MySpace - what's there to say? It's MySpace. Of course, while you're there you should check out the BurnTees MySpace Page.

100 greatest computer games - You can thank me now for saving your life. For the ultimate non-worker...this site has 100 games to play while just sitting at work doing nothing. (or of course if you have no life and like playing these games while at home)

Tobby - just another fun computer game to play while at work (i have lots of these)

ESPN Page 2 - if you like sports and like a good laugh, Page 2 is the place to go. Of course, I recommend The Sports Guy - if you don't find yourself laughing at his articles...well...just go kill yourself

LaunchCast - best free radio on the internet....at least I think so.

Fob's Blog - you can't go wrong with Fob's Blog

Doll Face Punk - A great selection of retro t shirts.

KA Designs - One of our favorite t shirts stores on the web.

Digital Garden - another one of my top 5 favorite t shirt sites.

Mr. Pitt - Easily in our top 5

Linkdup - Hard to explain, just go check it out.

Threadless - An awesome site for really cool original t shirt designs. Of course, while you're there, don't forget to vote for shaun's design here

Ebaums World - Ebaums World has a great collection of funny pictures, videos, and all other types of stuff to keep you busy.

College Humor - Hours of entertainment. The pictures section is my personal favorite.

Fark - a collection of the most entertaining news stories of the day

WhosYoDaddy.biz - Funny T-shirts - a great new t shirt resource (check out the BurnTees article under latest news!!)

The BurnTees Links - this is the links page as found on our website.

T Shirt Countdown - One of many t shirt rating sites (you can find a great selection of original t shirt designs on these rating sites)

T Shirt Republic - Another great t shirt rating site

T Shirt Rank - Another great t shirt rating site

T Shirt Rater - ok, that's enough of those. on to other stuff

T Shirt Wars - K...I lied...one more t shirt rating site. This one's brand new so I had to add it on. go check it out! i think we're number one right now with our "Home of the Wife Beater" design.

Audio Scrobbler - This site allows you to link up to your music player and create a music profile. From there, you can link to it and share what you've been listning to.

Got Apex - A great place for great deals

Engadget - Tech Geek? This is the place to be.

Gizmodo - The gadgets weblog

Post Secret - An awesome blog where people share their secrets with the world.

Social Bookmarks - hard to explain, just go check it out.

Genius Lessons - while I have you here, go check out Mike D's blog.

Fifth Circle of Cubic Hell - a fun blog about office life.

Bored At Work.com - I guess if being bored at work is what we're trying to cure here...this could be the best place to go.

AT Work and Bored - obviously not to be confused with boredatwork.com. (i like this one much better)

Addicting Games - This was just recommended.

Across the Board - I like this blog.

Bash - where people post funny IM conversations.

The MegaZine - a creative spirit global community. And don't forget to check out the wonderful store that goes along with it: MegaCreations


So? What do you think?

So, BurnTees has been open for about two months now and we thought we might get some feedback. Email us at feedback@burntees.com and tell us what you think. We'd like to start a testimonials section...so email us...good, bad, really bad, you hate us...whatever...we wanna know what you think.

I know I haven't written a new blog in a while, but unfortunately, I don't have much to write about right now. We've been adding a lot of new designs (as you can see) and are still just trying to get the word out. We still can't afford real advertising yet, so word of mouth is all we have...SO TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US!! (please). One of the best places for us to get hits from is from the t shirt rating sites, so please help us out and use the links on the bottom of the page to vote for our site (there are three image voting links and three "rate" buttons below that. if you could just take a minute and click all 6 of those, we'd really appreciate it.


What we do for Friends

Our friend (she asked us to remain anonomous, so for the sake of this blog, we shall call her Vanessa) runs a site called Feministing.com (which is a really awesome site...make sure you check it out) with her sister and recently sent an email to us at BurnTees. It seems that Vanessa was a little unsettled by our "Can't Rape the Willing" design (which wasn't a first...my sister in law didn't love it so much either) and asked us to take it down. Normally, if this was a random person, we would have told them to go f*ck themselves..but, this wasn't a random person...this was our friend.

(Just for the record...when my sister in law asked, I originally said no for 2 reasons. 1) she is usually offended by things I find funny so this wasn't a surprise to me and 2) at the time, we had very few designs up so taking this one down meant removing about 15% of what we had.)

In case everyone hasn't seen it, this is what the design looked like:

Now, personally, I don't think the shirt is offensive, and I think that if you do take offense to it, you really don't understand it. I'm going to try to not go on much more about it because it's obviously a touchy subject and I don't want to say anything TOO stupid.

With all of that being said, we took it down because Vanessa asked us to...and Vanessa's awesome, so we can't ignore what she says (that, and she has a HUGE following over at feministing.com and we don't want them coming after us). And to anyone else out there who might have been offended (besides friends and family)....we don't care that much.

(please take note that we will still sell the shirt by request, but we will not be advertising it on our website. if you're interested in purchasing the shirt, you can email us at burntees@burntees.com)

Now, besides that, things are going great. We've recently added a bunch of new designs to the site, and there will be a bunch more coming. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter, check back often, and tell all of your friends about BurnTees.


Exciting News!!!!

Today has been very exciting for BurnTees. Our shop was featured on CafePress's newsletter and the exposure has been great for BurnTees. As you can see on the left, we're listed under the top 10 stores, and on the bottom of the page under "hot designs", 2 of the 6 are from BurnTees. Before today, we were averaging about 85-95 new visitors a day. Because of the newsletter, we're already at 937 and it's only 2:47 in the afternoon. So, needless to say, we're quite excited.

Besides that, not much to report. We put up a bunch of new designs this weekend including Corn shits out solid, One more drink and I'm yours, No more F*ckin Cowbell!, and a few others, so make sure to check them out.

Anyway, as always, make sure to keep checking the site for updates, and make sure to keep voting for us using the links at the bottom of the main page (feel free to click the google ads too). And, as you know, we can't afford advertising, so make sure to tell all of your friends about the site and tell them to sign up for the newsletter on the bottom left. I'll be sending a new newsletter soon with info on the newest sale.


Farewell Sports Section

this image is copyrighted so don't even think about it

See the design above? It used to be on BurnTees....but not anymore. Our outsourced printer (CafePress) removed the image for copyright purposes. I do understand where they're coming from...it's illegal and they're liable...but I really liked this design!!! (we even sold one a while back before it was removed so there's some girl out there who has this design on a shirt and might be the only person ever to have it)

Over the last month or so, we've put up about 5 or 6 designs that have been removed. Our "Burn" logo with Ashton Kutcher (Kelso) was removed (another one that someone owns already, so the idea won't be lost), our DARE shirt was removed (and that one was funny as hell), our CocaCola "Cokehead" shirt was removed...well, i think you get the point.

Anyway, since we can't use Jeter's name, A-Rod's name, or any other Major league team name...we realized that it just might be a little hard to actually have a sports section...so it's gone....at least for now.

While we're on the topic of sports, I'd just like to add something. The Mets are not out of it yet. Poser boy wants to give up on the season...I just don't agree. They're only 9 games back, 1 game under 500, just took 2 out of 3 from the Nationals, and THERE'S STILL HALF A SEASON LEFT!! Carlos Beltran still isn't 100% so we still haven't seen him at his prime, and once he is at 100%, this is a whole different team. Plus there are some young pitching staffs on the NL east, so I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing some of these guys tire out in the second half of the season. So, I think you all get my point.

And one other thing while we're talking about sports...The Yankees Suck...and while we're at it...the Eagles suck too.

Another quick thought...i haven't been able to get the link to work on the side of the site, so...here's a link to Schmoil's blog: Schmoil's Blog

Back to the shirts...BurnTees will be adding at least 4 or 5 new designs today, so make sure to check the site out. And again, if you have any brilliant ideas that you think would make a great t-shirt, email it to us at custom@burntees.com and we might just put if up on the site. Also, like i've mentioned before...if you've bought a BurnTees shirt, we wanna see pictures!! so, email them to us at pictures@burntees.com (obviously the more original/strange pictures will make it up on the site...so make it interesting)

That's all for now. It's early, and I'm going back to bed.


West Virginia

This is Shaun and just like my secretary Mathew, I also went away this weekend; I was in West Virginia for a wedding. It was wonderful, believe it or not. Not much out there, but the people i went with and the activities that we did were alot of fun. GO COUGARS!!!
Im not gonna write a long drawn out blog about my trip cause frankly i have a job that i cant sit on the internet writing about myself to maybe the 3 people who actual read this.

Unlike my athletically challenged friend I also played golf and its a new found love of mine, I am presently looking for people who live in the hoboken area who would love to play.

The fourth of july is a great holiday, you can't beat beer, burgers, and fireworks on the hudson. Combine that with some good green and you are set my man.

thats all for now....

"keepin it real, trying not to be wack"


Shout out to Jacksonville

For all of you where were concerned, please be aware that Mike is back home and alive. He's a little sore, but doing much better. Now that that's been put behind us, lets move along.

Poser boy still hasn't written a blog, so I'll just continue to do all the work and keep everyone updated on my life.

This weekend I travelled to Jacksonville, Florida in order to further expand the BurnTees fan base. While I was there, I happened to run into a friend of mine and she let me stay at her place, which was super nice. A few quick notes about Jacksonville

  • The place is f*ckin HUGE!!! There's no such thing as "walking to the store".. or.. "the bar? yea, it's right down the block." Nope....doesn't exist. Everything is at least a 10 minute drive.
  • The place is f*ckin CHEAP!!! Easily my favorite part about Jacksonville (besides my new friends of course). Melanie (my personal assistant) came down to Jacksonville with me and I feel like the only thing we did all weekend was go "it's only how much?! back home that would be so much more!!!!" It's a fun game, I recommend everyone travelling to someplace cheaper than the place they're from and playing that game (and to the people who already live in the cheapest place...sorry...but you probably can't afford to travel anywhere anyway)
  • I don't like grits. That's not a guess either. I tried it...and it's gross.
  • Country music still sucks.
  • Apparently people down in Jacksonville are not huge Bon Jovi fans. I thought everyone in the world was a Bon Jovi fan, but I was wrong. I sang "Dead or Alive" at a karaoke bar down there (cause that's what I do) and I swear, the hardcore rednecks in the bar looked like they were gonna kill me right there in the bar.
  • Did I mention how cheap it was?
  • I'm not very good at golf
  • Oh yea, and the best part? I flew down to Florida for July 4th weekend, and it rained pretty much the entire time I was there; which ties in well with the previous point because thunderstorms and golfing do not go well. There was a lightning bolt so close to us that it actually sent a 230 pound man about 3 feet in the air (the bolt didn't actually do that, but Paras got so scared that he pretty much jumped 3 feet in the air)

In all honesty, I had a really awesome time down in Jacksonville. The people are great down there and without even trying, we picked up some new BurnTees fans in the process. So, don't you worry, your Duval F*ckin County shirt should be coming up soon (i just have to convince poser boy to design them) as long as I start seeing visitors from Jacksonville on the site. So do your job down there and spread the word about BurnTees.

In regards to an actual update on the site....I don't really have one. Poser boy is working really hard on (lol...hard on) getting all our new designs up so it's just a waiting game at this point.

Also, to everyone who has bought something at BurnTees...Thanks....and make sure to send us pictures of your BurnTees purchase to pictures@burntees.com. Also, we'll be adding a testimonials section, so, if you want to write to us and tell us how much you love our products (or if you just want to tell us to go f*ck ourselves), send us an email at testimonials@burntees.com.

Oh yea...make sure to keep clicking on all of the links at the bottom of the page....especially the "ranking" links at the bottom.

Thanks for reading



The Update on BurnTees

So BurnTees has been open for less than a month now, but we're doing pretty well so far. We've averaging about 85 unique visitors a day which I think is great. Just wanted to give you all an update on some of our latest ideas and plans for the site.

We'll definitely be adding a few New Jersey designs within the next few days that we think everyone will really like. Our New Jersey is for Guidos shirt (find it here) has actually been our top seller so far so we're hoping that these new New Jersey shirts will do well. We'll also be adding a new sports design in the near future for the upcoming football season that we know all you Giants fans will enjoy.

Since neither of us are really web designers, future plans for the website itself may take a while, but we have some great ideas in mind. I also wanted to try and get the word out that we'd love to see photos of you with our BurnTees products for our "customer picture" section that doesn't actually exist yet. I've received one picture so far (Thanks Sherly!!) and it looks great. I can't wait to get more so we can get that going.

We've also added a custom design section to our page. If you need shirts made, come to us! As soon as poser boy posts the pictures, we'll have some custom designs posted on the site that he's done in the past. You can email us the idea for the shirt at custom@burntees.com and we'll work with you to design a shirt that's perfect for you (don't forget we can put your design on all types of products. here's a full list).

I know I mentioned this in the newsletter (by the way, if you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, make sure you do by going to the site and putting your email in the space provided on the left. you won't get any spam, just a newsletter from us ever few weeks)...but...if you can...PLEASE click on the links at the bottom of the page to vote for our shirts (Please!!). Every vote counts on those sites and we can really get a lot of exposure if we move up in the ranks. (feel free to click the google ads too cause we make money off of those :) ).

OK, enough about the website.

I'm a little worried to be quite honest. My roomate went to Amsterdam for work, and we haven't heard from him. As far as we know, this is what happened:

Upon arriving in Amsterdam, my roomate (we shall call him Mike) decided that he'd be a good boy since he was there on business and went straight to the hotel. Waking up the next morning, fully rested, Mike was ready to visit the client sites. Boy was he impressive! Mike worked for about 10 hours straight that day and finished a week's worth of work in one day.

The Clients were so impressed that they insisted on taking Mike out for dinner. Mike was reluctant, but in the end accepted the invitation. After a lovely dinner, they moved on to drinks. Mike knew he was in trouble, but tried to maintain his composure. This was, after all, a true test for him.

And boy did he fail. When the clients insisted that he'd had enough, Mike told them to "fuck off!" and preceded to drink by himself at the bar. After an hour by himself, Mike figured it was time to hit up the coffee shops. What better time than when you're wasted already? Mike walked down the street, found the nearest coffee shop, and took a seat.

Thirty five minutes, and 2 joints later, Mike was fucked. When he realized that he didnt' know how to get home, he devised a fool proof plan.

The homeless man's name was Vito and he promised Mike that if he paid him well, he would make sure he got Mike back to his hotel. Vito seemed nice enough, and Mike obliged. What difference did it make? Mike wouldn't even remember the rest of the night anyway.

Mike hasn't been seen since that night, but rumor has it that Mike is still in Amsterdam. After further investigation, authorities have discovered that Vito wasn't a homeless man, he was the most feared Pimp in Amsterdam. Word on the street has it that Mike is currently Vito's personal Man Whore....but doing quite well.

We'll miss you Mikey...and just remember: If you're ever really in trouble, just lock and twist.

Thanks for reading.....


P.S. - Today was my half birthday and I didn't receive cake, presents, or a single phone call. I'm quite depressed.


It's Official...we have a website

It's official, we're on the way to fame and fortune!!! we have our own website!!! Well, there's nothing really there yet, but at least we now own www.burntees.com which is pretty exciting.

Our buddy Mike came over last night to help us out and we can't thank him enough. We thought about paying him with a free tshirt, but we're cheap, so we're not doing that. We could have gotten a lot more work done, but my roomate decided that last night was Tequila night...and...well...if you haven't seen Tequila night, just know that it's a lot of fun to watch. My roomate drunk dialed every girl he knows (after about 10 shots of Tequila)...we really gotta hook him up with that phone service that stops you from drunk dialing certain numbers. I don't know who invented that thing, but it's freaking awesome. (see more about it here)

In case you haven't checked out the site in a few days (BurnTees), make sure you go check it out cause we've added some great designs. And if we've somehow held your interest, make sure to keep checking the site cause we have some great Dirty Jersey designs coming up that all your Belmar lovers are sure to enjoy. And for all you Giants fans/Eagles haters, we have something special coming up for you too.

We also want to let everyone know that you can now email us with any question, comments, ideas, or just to tell us that you hate us at yousuck@burntees.com. In addition, if you're interested in a job, you can email us at nothiring@burntees.com. So, that's it for now...so until next time...

Go Buy Stuff!!!


Our first blog

I've never written a blog before. To be quite honest, i'm assuming no one will ever read this. But, I read that blogs help bring traffic to your website...so...here we are.

Only here, at the BurnTees blog, will you find out the true store of how BurnTees came to be...who it's creators are...and how they met. so sit back, relax, and enjoy the story.

I remember arriving in New Brunswick on August 28th, 1998 for my first day of college. And I remember graduating sometime in May of 2002. Everything else between those two dates is a bit of a blur. I remember arriving quite early in the morning of the 28th to ensure I got the good bed and that I wouldn't be sitting in traffic all morning waiting for my turn to unload the car. My parents and brother were all there to send me off to college...what a day.

We brought everything from the car to the hallway outside my door, as did everyone else. Needless to say...it was quite a madhouse on that hot day at Tinsley 2. One by one, my roomate Pat and I brought our things into our room and started unpacking....things were going great so far.

I don't remember the exact time, but somewhere during the unloading some other kid walks into our room. All I can remember thinking was,"look at this fucking poser! I knew Rutgers was diverse..but look at this kid!"

"Excuse me?" poser boy says, "i think this box is mine."
"Pat is that yours?" i say?
"No" Pat responds
"Well poser boy? it must be yours then."
and we were back to unpacking.

Only later during the extremely fun "ice breaker" games did I learn that poser boy's real name was Shaun.

Over the weeks, i grew quite close to Shaun and his roomate Chris. They were super nice. They'd let me blast the music i wanted to hear from my room, then come into their room and use their internet for hours at a time! and once in a while, they'd let me sit in while they told each other how much they loved each other.
"I love you Chris."
"I love you too Shaun."
i mean...i knew college was gonna be great...but this was fucking awesome!!!

Fast forward to the present ...2005, 7 years later. Nothing important happened in between...and if it did, i don't remember it, so you'll just have to deal. Blame it on drugs, or whatever you want...but i agree...my mother should definitely not have smoked so much "grass" while she was pregnant with me.

So...somehow, after 7 years, i'm still friends with the poser. and things worked out great...he's an awesome graphic design artist, and i'm....well.....worthless but sometimes funny. So we figured that we could combine his talent with my...ahem...talent and get something to work here. And so we bring you BurnTees.

BurnTees has recently been called the greatest tshirt company in the universe (by me) and was also recently awarded the schmoil trophey for fastest growing website on the internet (by schmoil). We invite you to check out BurnTees and signup for the newsletter (we promise you won't get spam...just the newsletters that we sent to you) and make sure you tell all of your friends about it. For all you losers out there that don't have any friends...you can just signup for the newsletter with each of the 8 email addresses that you are currently using.

Till next time...thanks for reading.
Now go buy stuff!!!