BurnTees' favorite links

Before we get to the links, we'd like to congratulate ourselves. Just today, BurnTees eclipsed the 15,000 new visitor mark. Congratulations to us!!!

Now, on to the blog:

I thought I'd put together a collection of some of our favorite links...cause I know that there are people bored at work just like me. If you've got a favorite link that you think should be on the list, just add a comment with the link...I'll check it out and add it if it's good.

BurnTees - What, you think we're not going to list our own site first?!?!

CafePress - interested in designing your own shirt? or even better...opening your own shop? CafePress is the place to go (make sure you put down BurnTees as your referral!!!). I recommend checking out This section in particular for really cool stuff - lots of retro designs, vintage shirts, all that cool stuff that everyone's wearing these days. So, go check it out.

Group Hug - People expressing emotions...interesting stuff

Lowbrow - HOURS of fun. Just hit F5 to refresh the page

Craigslist Best Of - a collection of the best craigslist posts. Very entertaining

Mattia Comics - a comic written by a friend of mine. I'm probably the only one who thinks it's funny...but check it out anyway.

One Across - If you're like me and you'd rather cheat on a crossword puzzle just so you can say you finished it...this is the place to go

The Velvet Rope - a great entertainment industry forum.

Yahoo Games - if you don't already know about Yahoo Games....just kill yourself

MySpace - what's there to say? It's MySpace. Of course, while you're there you should check out the BurnTees MySpace Page.

100 greatest computer games - You can thank me now for saving your life. For the ultimate non-worker...this site has 100 games to play while just sitting at work doing nothing. (or of course if you have no life and like playing these games while at home)

Tobby - just another fun computer game to play while at work (i have lots of these)

ESPN Page 2 - if you like sports and like a good laugh, Page 2 is the place to go. Of course, I recommend The Sports Guy - if you don't find yourself laughing at his articles...well...just go kill yourself

LaunchCast - best free radio on the internet....at least I think so.

Fob's Blog - you can't go wrong with Fob's Blog

Doll Face Punk - A great selection of retro t shirts.

KA Designs - One of our favorite t shirts stores on the web.

Digital Garden - another one of my top 5 favorite t shirt sites.

Mr. Pitt - Easily in our top 5

Linkdup - Hard to explain, just go check it out.

Threadless - An awesome site for really cool original t shirt designs. Of course, while you're there, don't forget to vote for shaun's design here

Ebaums World - Ebaums World has a great collection of funny pictures, videos, and all other types of stuff to keep you busy.

College Humor - Hours of entertainment. The pictures section is my personal favorite.

Fark - a collection of the most entertaining news stories of the day

WhosYoDaddy.biz - Funny T-shirts - a great new t shirt resource (check out the BurnTees article under latest news!!)

The BurnTees Links - this is the links page as found on our website.

T Shirt Countdown - One of many t shirt rating sites (you can find a great selection of original t shirt designs on these rating sites)

T Shirt Republic - Another great t shirt rating site

T Shirt Rank - Another great t shirt rating site

T Shirt Rater - ok, that's enough of those. on to other stuff

T Shirt Wars - K...I lied...one more t shirt rating site. This one's brand new so I had to add it on. go check it out! i think we're number one right now with our "Home of the Wife Beater" design.

Audio Scrobbler - This site allows you to link up to your music player and create a music profile. From there, you can link to it and share what you've been listning to.

Got Apex - A great place for great deals

Engadget - Tech Geek? This is the place to be.

Gizmodo - The gadgets weblog

Post Secret - An awesome blog where people share their secrets with the world.

Social Bookmarks - hard to explain, just go check it out.

Genius Lessons - while I have you here, go check out Mike D's blog.

Fifth Circle of Cubic Hell - a fun blog about office life.

Bored At Work.com - I guess if being bored at work is what we're trying to cure here...this could be the best place to go.

AT Work and Bored - obviously not to be confused with boredatwork.com. (i like this one much better)

Addicting Games - This was just recommended.

Across the Board - I like this blog.

Bash - where people post funny IM conversations.

The MegaZine - a creative spirit global community. And don't forget to check out the wonderful store that goes along with it: MegaCreations


So? What do you think?

So, BurnTees has been open for about two months now and we thought we might get some feedback. Email us at feedback@burntees.com and tell us what you think. We'd like to start a testimonials section...so email us...good, bad, really bad, you hate us...whatever...we wanna know what you think.

I know I haven't written a new blog in a while, but unfortunately, I don't have much to write about right now. We've been adding a lot of new designs (as you can see) and are still just trying to get the word out. We still can't afford real advertising yet, so word of mouth is all we have...SO TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US!! (please). One of the best places for us to get hits from is from the t shirt rating sites, so please help us out and use the links on the bottom of the page to vote for our site (there are three image voting links and three "rate" buttons below that. if you could just take a minute and click all 6 of those, we'd really appreciate it.