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Awesome Site

Had to share this site that I just discovered: http://www.viralvideochart.com/

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Wanted to do a quick post featuring some shops. I also want to say "Thank You" to these shops. Why you ask? Because I've made some decent $$ thru the affiliate program by linking to these shops :)


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The iRack

BurnTees NCAA T Shirt Giveaway!

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On Broadway

So I've seen a broadway show the last two weekends and I highly recommend both.

Last weekend I went on a date with my mom to see Curtains, a new musical starring David Hyde Pierce. We saw it while it was still in previews, but we both loved it. Get tickets now because once it opens for real, it's going to be a tough ticket to get.

Yesterday I went on a date with The Girlfriend to see Jersey Boys. Jersey boys won the 2006 Tony award for Best Musical. The show takes you behind the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The music is just great, the story is great...it's just a great great show. I've seen a lot of broadway shows, but this could be one of the best. I know that the wait to get tickets is a few months, but order them now...you won't regret it.


You're kidding right?

Was just reading this week's Time magazine...thought I'd share some things with you...

from here - "I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but you have to go into rehab if you use the word faggot." ANN COULTER, conservative columnist, about the former Senator

my thoughts - um, is this for real? Seriously, how does she get away with this stuff?

from here -

$100 million Estimated amount that Gap, Apple and Motorola have spent on marketing the RED Campaign, launched a year ago to benefit the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

$18 million Amount the RED campaign has raised worldwide

my thoughts - you've got to be kidding me right? For every dollar they've spent on marketing, they should be required to donate at LEAST 25% directly to the campaign, because this is ridiculous. In the end, all they're doing is marketing their own product and trying to make their company look good by saying they're in the fight against AIDS. Mr. Jobs, maybe you should take a page from your buddy Bill Gates and start learning how to really put your money to good use.


St. Patrick's Day

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day #2 in Morristown. We'll be partying at Shaun's (the other half of the BurnTees empire) new apartment and I gotta say, I'm pretty damn excited. I'm finally fully recovered from last week's Hoboken St. Patrick's Day and I'm ready to get right back on that horse!

I guess I should finally write about Hoboken's St. Patrick's Day now that Morristown St. Patrick's Day is almost upon us. For the record, I don't remember everything, and what I do remember might not be what actually happened:

Went to bed early last Friday night because the Girlfriend and I were up on our way at about 8:30am Saturday morning. We headed to the path with 2 six packs, a bunch of nips (the little airline bottles of alcohol), and some redbull. We were ready to start the day! First desitnation - Jackie and Megan's apartment. Good times. Bruce Hornsby playing, alcohol being consumed, quiche being served...all at 9am. Can't beat that right?! (just as a side note...the bars in Hoboken didn't open until 11am and when we got off the PATH, there were already lines for all of the bars - it was 9:15am)

At about 10:45 we left and headed to Booger's for party number 2. This is where things get hazy. The party was already hoppin once we got there, lots of friends, lots of drinking, lots of laughing.....all the right ingredients for a fun party. We spent most of the day there because at this point, you can't get into the bars and it's not worth it anyway. Take if from me...house parties are the way to go on Hoboken St. Patrick's Day. It was also fun staying at Booger's all day because different groups of people kept coming and going so it was like going to a bunch of parties without having to leave!

At sometime after 10:45am (I told you...things got hazy) the Girlfriend and I headed to Washington St to get some lunch at Panera. We went maybe 5 blocks and within that time, I ran into about 30 people I knew...some I stopped to talk with, some I didn't...but all I kept thinking is, imagine how many people I'd run into if I was out more than 30 minutes? I figure everyone I've ever met was in Hoboken somewhere, and if I wandered around long enough, I'd probably run into everyone I knew.

Overall, I'd have to say that Hoboken St. Patrick's Day 2007 was a 10. Great day, ran into people wearing BurnTees (check out the pictures here: Customer Photos) hung out with friends...just a great day.

The Girlfriend and I actually went back home, showered and changed and went out in NYC all night, 18 hours straight of partying, but I won't get into that here today. Here's hoping that tomorrow's Morristown St. Patrick's Day is just as good, if not better, than Hoboken's St. Patrick's Day, and when I recover, I'll definitely write all about it.


Crazy Carl

Current IM conversation:

Carl: dude, why didn't you tell me that the conference tournaments start tomorrow? now the day will fly by, since i'll put a little action on them, and watch the gamecenter on cbssportsline.com
Me: i didn't even know
Carl: it kinda sneaks up on you, eh? i don't even know about what to do for a pool. the IRS shut the one down here in staten island, run by a local bar... where the prize pool is usually around a million. they announced yesterday their not having it this year. someone always fucks up whatever is fun. gambling is so so so so bad. and strangely, the state of new york runs a lottery... which, and i'm not quite sure about this...IS GAMBLING.

i didn't include the rest of the conversation because it got so exhausting.

ps - as soon as I have some time i'll update the blog so I can tell you all how Hoboken St. Patrick's Day was (from what I remember at least)


Vote for BurnTees

it's simple! it's fun! it's Voting for BurnTees! yay!!!

takes two seconds, i promise. just visit the links below and click "vote!". Feel free to pass this on to friends :)



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Thanks everyone!

Now, on to bigger and better things. Tomorrow is the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day and I couldn't be more excited. We'll be out in full force wearing our BurnTees St. Patrick's Day t shirts and handing out Hoboken St. Patrick's Day buttons so if you see us, make sure to say hello! And, like last year, I'm hoping to run into lots of people wearing BurnTees t shirts so that I can take pictures of them and put them up on the website! I'll report back on Monday with a full report of whatever I remember :)

And don't forget that there's still time to order your St. Patrick's Day gear. Just go to www.BurnTees.com and make sure to check out the coupon codes on the left side of the site.


Crazy Carl

A current IM conversation between Carl and I:

Carl: how would you feel if you found out i was jesus? or the second coming? pretty trippy eh?
Me: i'd be impressed..i gotta admit
Carl: i don't think i am, but you never know. i said this once to my girlfriend's aunt last year sometime: "I mean, everyone's so concerned and shocked, and appalled and cheated by James Frei slightly exaggerating and embellishing his life story in a milliion little pieces. but me, I'm more offended by John, Luke, Matthew, and Paul doing the same thing when they wrote about Jesus. like, maybe he didn't turn water into wine, but lets put it in anyways, makes him seems Godlike"
Me: Lovely story

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and now for today's featured shop: Love The Troops

Regardless of your opinion on the war, one thing that almost everyone can agree on is to support the troops who are there. Kim's shop has all sorts of designs for the entire family and is just a great shop. So check it out and buy lots of stuff!