So? What do you think?

So, BurnTees has been open for about two months now and we thought we might get some feedback. Email us at feedback@burntees.com and tell us what you think. We'd like to start a testimonials section...so email us...good, bad, really bad, you hate us...whatever...we wanna know what you think.

I know I haven't written a new blog in a while, but unfortunately, I don't have much to write about right now. We've been adding a lot of new designs (as you can see) and are still just trying to get the word out. We still can't afford real advertising yet, so word of mouth is all we have...SO TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US!! (please). One of the best places for us to get hits from is from the t shirt rating sites, so please help us out and use the links on the bottom of the page to vote for our site (there are three image voting links and three "rate" buttons below that. if you could just take a minute and click all 6 of those, we'd really appreciate it.