Anyone out there?

I'm convinced that nobody checks out this blog, however Crazy Carl thinks otherwise....and there's only one way to find out. If you're reading this right now, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment saying that you've read this post, or, even better, if you check out this blog on a somewhat regular basis, say so in your comment.



Lorilei said...

Hahaha... yes, I am reading your blog, Burnsie....

Carl said...


I read Burntees Blog like its the bible. I love burntees like no other. However, I have actually yet to wear a burntees shirt in my life. I am more of a "do as i say" kind of guy.

Mat Rocks, Shaun Rocks, Burntees Rocks. End of Story. Viva la Fraternite les balls and shaft.

-Crazy Carl Himself

"Tell me what do you think they would say... If I stood up, and I walked away"

Adam said...

Wow. I thought I was the only one who read this.

Contemptster said...

You'd have to be a real wiener hole not to read Burned Tea's daily blog. I read it everyday. My favorite tea is their English Breakfast. Keep up the good work, girls!

Exposing jerks is our passion.

Shaun said...

I do all my reading while dropping a blog in the bowl.
Also check out contempster.com