Crazy Carl - Nastiest IM Ever?

This conversation just happened between me and Crazy Carl (these are not our real screen names):

Crazy Carl: i seriously have no idea what to get anyone for christmas yet
Me: lol
Me: you can get me anything you'd like
Crazy Carl: whats your address?
Crazy Carl: because i'm going to take a shit in a box and mail it to you
Me: xxx East xxth Street, apt xx, NY NY 10016
Me: make sure it's a nice box
Crazy Carl: a massive wordclass dump after going to Arthur's or Jose Tejas
Crazy Carl: hahahahahahahahaha
Crazy Carl: dude, didn't you know it was a trick?
Crazy Carl: why did you give me your address?
Me: cause i want presents
Crazy Carl: even if its a massive dump taken by me?
Me: i'll send back something worse
Crazy Carl: i can't think of anything worse
Crazy Carl: except maybe a dogs head
Me: then that's what you'll get
Me: and it'll be covered in my poo
Crazy Carl: i'm laughing so hard right now
Crazy Carl: i wonder what the shipping on something like that is
Crazy Carl: are you going to send it fedex so you can track it?
Mathew Jason: lol sure
Crazy Carl: i'm think i'm going to start taking pictures of my massive dumps in the toilet bowl with my camera phone, and sending them to people
Crazy Carl: i dont know if you have a camera phone, but i guess i'll find out soon enough
Me: i did that once...sent it to jane and chris
Me: it was so amazing,i had to share it with someone
Crazy Carl: awesome.
Crazy Carl: i wanted to send one to chris one day, but i didn't have his number in my phone
Crazy Carl: it was what i call a Bode Miller Shit
Crazy Carl: it was 2 identical huge logs right next to each other parallel.
Crazy Carl: they looked like a set of skis
Me: nasty
Me: should i post this convo on the blog? lol
Crazy Carl: if you'd like... but i think it reflects poorly on both of us
Crazy Carl: hahahahaha
Me: lol, i know, but it's funny
Crazy Carl: go ahead. everyone knows i have issues anyway
Crazy Carl: however, won't jane or your brother be shocked that you are threatening to mail me a dogs head in a box?
Me: lol


Jane and said...

Obviously this is what my fiance is so busy with at work that he just has to get off the phone with me...

way to go one t.