Guidos Gone Wild

I got this forwarded to me as an email but I'm not sure of the original source. If you know, please let me know so I can give them credit. Otherwise, enjoy cause this is awesome.

I'm too sexy for my hair gel.

All of this tanning has burned my retinas…where is the camera?

Who knew that Oompa Loompas and Vampires could be friends?

Tan hedgehogs looking for a little lovin'.
Tanning Gone Wild!!!

For some reason, the guy in the pink gives me the urge to sweep the floor…

The hotel double-booked the body building and hairdressing conventions.


Maybe if I hold this pack of cigarettes, I can fool the girls on Craigslist into thinking I'm old enough to drive.

Let's try the same thing with a bottle of Greygoose.

Hurry up Joey! Take the f*ckin picture before the owner sees me posing with his car.

Hair-too-heavy. Can't-hold-up-head.

Does this color even exist in nature? Crayola needs a new crayon, 'Long Island Guido Orange'.

I guess if I were single, this is what I'd have to pick from. Good Lord.

He had to buy all new shirts because he ripped his old ones on his hair.
I am very rarely speechless. This is one of those moments.


www.cafepress.com/integralapparel said...

Burn man your wild for finding these photos! This make me wanna go out and some LA LOOKS STYLING GEL lol!

These pics let me know the Gotti reality show was on WAYYY too long!!

Good find man
Integral Apparel

Anonymous said...

These pictures are mad funny. I've actually known somebody thar went to my school that looks like one of the guys in the last pic.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of fags

CaptainChaos said...

OMFG! Who are these fruits? Are these rump rangers actually slathered in that tan in a can stuff? Are there actual females who would even talk to these homos? This has got to be Long Island. Were all these pics from the Syosset high school prom or what?

Anonymous said...

the funny thing is a group of these guys isnt even fuckin italian they are albanian.. lokk at them flashing the sign fuckin disgrace to your country.