Crazy Carl's Get Rich Quick Idea

This is an ACTUAL conversation that I just had with Crazy Carl:

Crazy Carl: i finally figured out how i'm going to get rich.

Me: ok I'll bite....

Crazy Carl:  i was thinking about this today when i was speeding and passed a speed trap but didn't get pulled over.

it would sort of be like a stink bomb.

it would be a vial that would have liquid in it that would smell exactly like you shit your pants.

would you rather spend $20 on that, or get a $200 ticket, plus have your car insurance go up?

Me:  you. are. an. idiot

Crazy Carl:  no, i am a mad genius.

why do people buy radar detectors?

and my vial of shit your pants would be way cheaper than a radar detector

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comparison shopping said...

Personally, I prefer a Whistler detector.

Adam said...

Some of think that Carl may be onto something with this one....