Were the 1996 NBA Finals Fixed? - A Crazy Carl Conspiracy Theory

This is an actual IM conversation between Crazy Carl and Myself

Crazy Carl: ok. i was driving to philadelphia with my buddy "D" when we told Me: this story.
Crazy Carl: there was this kid i knew through playing hockey, he went to high school with "D" and played for that school.
Crazy Carl: anyways, the kids father's worked for briggs, the security company.
Crazy Carl: so, in , Briggs is hired by the NBA. the kid's father was assigned to a detail that was supposed to keep the Larry O'Brien Trophy (that's the championship trophy. they make a new one every year) secure from when it was finished being made in mid may until the end of the NBA finals. After that it belongs to the team, and its the teams responsibility.
Crazy Carl: you with me so far.
Crazy Carl: sorry, it was , my bad.
Crazy Carl: anyways, the bulls play the sonics in that NBA finals.
Crazy Carl: games 1 and 2 are in chicago, games 3 and 4 and 5 are in seattle, then games 6 and 7 are supposed to be in chicago.
Me: OK
Crazy Carl: the bulls win game 1 and 2 in chicago.
Crazy Carl: then they win game 3 in seattle
Crazy Carl: seattle comes back to win game 4 107-86.
Crazy Carl: then seattle wins game 5 89-78
Crazy Carl: series goes back to chicago for game 6, chicago wins the title on fathers day 87-75 to win the title.
Me: why do i feel like all those details aren't necessary
Crazy Carl: so, chicago has 2 chances to win the title in seattle, but doesn't. they went 72-10 in the regular season.
Me: anyway, go on
Me: is this a gambling thing?
Crazy Carl:  they were 14-1 in the playoff going into game 4 of the finals in seattle.
Crazy Carl: yes.
Me: let me guess...they didn't even BRING the trophy to Seattle cause they KNEW Chicago wasn't going to win there?
Crazy Carl: exactly.
Crazy Carl: the trophy never went to Seattle
Me: do you really TRULY believe this story?
Crazy Carl: theoretically they should've shipped it to Seattle after game 3.
Crazy Carl: yes i do.
Me: get proof
Crazy Carl: this kids father
Crazy Carl: i believe it with all my heart.
Crazy Carl: games 4 and 5 weren't close. they weren't swung by the refs.
Crazy Carl: chicago lost by 21 points and 11 points in the 2 games.
Crazy Carl: chicago was down 53-32 at halftime in game 4.
Me: may i copy and paste this convo onto my blog?
Crazy Carl: go ahead.
Crazy Carl: it is my new favorite conspiracy theory
Crazy Carl:  the bulls lost one game that season by more than 10 points.

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