Jon & Kate - Where do they go from here?

We're all very concerned about Jon & Kate Gosselin and where they'll go from here. Divorce isn't easy especially when you have tons of money from exploiting your children. Thank goodness they were able to get one last very expensive freebie before everything came crashing down (Crooked Houses must LOVE the fact that their product was featured on probably the most watched episode ever).

Crazy Carl thinks that from now on, the show should focus on Jon one week and Kate the next week and in each episode they're dating different celebrities. Like one week Kate is dating Lebron James, the next week Jon is dating Megan fox. As Crazy Carl put it, "I mean, what is a divorce really if its not the chance for a spinoff?" Very well said Carl.

My wife and I were wondering last night and we both agreed that Kate probably won't let Jon see a DIME of the money, especially the money she's made from the books. However, Jon looks like he couldn't care less as long as he's no longer married to the nutbag. Seems like a win win to me!

Guess we'll all have to wait and see how this plays out!

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