It's Official...we have a website

It's official, we're on the way to fame and fortune!!! we have our own website!!! Well, there's nothing really there yet, but at least we now own www.burntees.com which is pretty exciting.

Our buddy Mike came over last night to help us out and we can't thank him enough. We thought about paying him with a free tshirt, but we're cheap, so we're not doing that. We could have gotten a lot more work done, but my roomate decided that last night was Tequila night...and...well...if you haven't seen Tequila night, just know that it's a lot of fun to watch. My roomate drunk dialed every girl he knows (after about 10 shots of Tequila)...we really gotta hook him up with that phone service that stops you from drunk dialing certain numbers. I don't know who invented that thing, but it's freaking awesome. (see more about it here)

In case you haven't checked out the site in a few days (BurnTees), make sure you go check it out cause we've added some great designs. And if we've somehow held your interest, make sure to keep checking the site cause we have some great Dirty Jersey designs coming up that all your Belmar lovers are sure to enjoy. And for all you Giants fans/Eagles haters, we have something special coming up for you too.

We also want to let everyone know that you can now email us with any question, comments, ideas, or just to tell us that you hate us at yousuck@burntees.com. In addition, if you're interested in a job, you can email us at nothiring@burntees.com. So, that's it for now...so until next time...

Go Buy Stuff!!!


Sachin said...

i am said drunk roomate and I deny all allegations. I classify this is post as slander and yet another example of unresponsible and ultimately unethical journalism. on another note, viva Cuervo!