Our first blog

I've never written a blog before. To be quite honest, i'm assuming no one will ever read this. But, I read that blogs help bring traffic to your website...so...here we are.

Only here, at the BurnTees blog, will you find out the true store of how BurnTees came to be...who it's creators are...and how they met. so sit back, relax, and enjoy the story.

I remember arriving in New Brunswick on August 28th, 1998 for my first day of college. And I remember graduating sometime in May of 2002. Everything else between those two dates is a bit of a blur. I remember arriving quite early in the morning of the 28th to ensure I got the good bed and that I wouldn't be sitting in traffic all morning waiting for my turn to unload the car. My parents and brother were all there to send me off to college...what a day.

We brought everything from the car to the hallway outside my door, as did everyone else. Needless to say...it was quite a madhouse on that hot day at Tinsley 2. One by one, my roomate Pat and I brought our things into our room and started unpacking....things were going great so far.

I don't remember the exact time, but somewhere during the unloading some other kid walks into our room. All I can remember thinking was,"look at this fucking poser! I knew Rutgers was diverse..but look at this kid!"

"Excuse me?" poser boy says, "i think this box is mine."
"Pat is that yours?" i say?
"No" Pat responds
"Well poser boy? it must be yours then."
and we were back to unpacking.

Only later during the extremely fun "ice breaker" games did I learn that poser boy's real name was Shaun.

Over the weeks, i grew quite close to Shaun and his roomate Chris. They were super nice. They'd let me blast the music i wanted to hear from my room, then come into their room and use their internet for hours at a time! and once in a while, they'd let me sit in while they told each other how much they loved each other.
"I love you Chris."
"I love you too Shaun."
i mean...i knew college was gonna be great...but this was fucking awesome!!!

Fast forward to the present ...2005, 7 years later. Nothing important happened in between...and if it did, i don't remember it, so you'll just have to deal. Blame it on drugs, or whatever you want...but i agree...my mother should definitely not have smoked so much "grass" while she was pregnant with me.

So...somehow, after 7 years, i'm still friends with the poser. and things worked out great...he's an awesome graphic design artist, and i'm....well.....worthless but sometimes funny. So we figured that we could combine his talent with my...ahem...talent and get something to work here. And so we bring you BurnTees.

BurnTees has recently been called the greatest tshirt company in the universe (by me) and was also recently awarded the schmoil trophey for fastest growing website on the internet (by schmoil). We invite you to check out BurnTees and signup for the newsletter (we promise you won't get spam...just the newsletters that we sent to you) and make sure you tell all of your friends about it. For all you losers out there that don't have any friends...you can just signup for the newsletter with each of the 8 email addresses that you are currently using.

Till next time...thanks for reading.
Now go buy stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck guys!!!! Burntees is the best!!!!

BurnTees said...

Im not a poser!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys starting a company reminds me of the time late in high school I started a business... a brothel out of my parents house. I didn't get into Princeton, and now I'm engaged to a prudish web-footed chick who was on Dawson's Creek. Dawson's Creek for Gods Sake. Maybe I should've married the chick who played Wanda on Doogie Howser, MD. or Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years. Now I'm screwing up for the men of the world by being uber-romantic and corny. Good luck in your "risky business" and I hope you guys end up being the "top gun" Help Me. Please

mike. said...

Niiiiice. Good luck boys, make RU proud. And do more stuff on JC. We need the love too...

Anonymous said...

That is, without a doubt, the worst story I have ever heard.