West Virginia

This is Shaun and just like my secretary Mathew, I also went away this weekend; I was in West Virginia for a wedding. It was wonderful, believe it or not. Not much out there, but the people i went with and the activities that we did were alot of fun. GO COUGARS!!!
Im not gonna write a long drawn out blog about my trip cause frankly i have a job that i cant sit on the internet writing about myself to maybe the 3 people who actual read this.

Unlike my athletically challenged friend I also played golf and its a new found love of mine, I am presently looking for people who live in the hoboken area who would love to play.

The fourth of july is a great holiday, you can't beat beer, burgers, and fireworks on the hudson. Combine that with some good green and you are set my man.

thats all for now....

"keepin it real, trying not to be wack"


BurnTees said...

k, good experiment...i'll take over the blog writing from here.

Sachin said...

its all relative in west virginia.

BurnTees said...

ahh...well said sachin...well said