What we do for Friends

Our friend (she asked us to remain anonomous, so for the sake of this blog, we shall call her Vanessa) runs a site called Feministing.com (which is a really awesome site...make sure you check it out) with her sister and recently sent an email to us at BurnTees. It seems that Vanessa was a little unsettled by our "Can't Rape the Willing" design (which wasn't a first...my sister in law didn't love it so much either) and asked us to take it down. Normally, if this was a random person, we would have told them to go f*ck themselves..but, this wasn't a random person...this was our friend.

(Just for the record...when my sister in law asked, I originally said no for 2 reasons. 1) she is usually offended by things I find funny so this wasn't a surprise to me and 2) at the time, we had very few designs up so taking this one down meant removing about 15% of what we had.)

In case everyone hasn't seen it, this is what the design looked like:

Now, personally, I don't think the shirt is offensive, and I think that if you do take offense to it, you really don't understand it. I'm going to try to not go on much more about it because it's obviously a touchy subject and I don't want to say anything TOO stupid.

With all of that being said, we took it down because Vanessa asked us to...and Vanessa's awesome, so we can't ignore what she says (that, and she has a HUGE following over at feministing.com and we don't want them coming after us). And to anyone else out there who might have been offended (besides friends and family)....we don't care that much.

(please take note that we will still sell the shirt by request, but we will not be advertising it on our website. if you're interested in purchasing the shirt, you can email us at burntees@burntees.com)

Now, besides that, things are going great. We've recently added a bunch of new designs to the site, and there will be a bunch more coming. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter, check back often, and tell all of your friends about BurnTees.


Exciting News!!!!

Today has been very exciting for BurnTees. Our shop was featured on CafePress's newsletter and the exposure has been great for BurnTees. As you can see on the left, we're listed under the top 10 stores, and on the bottom of the page under "hot designs", 2 of the 6 are from BurnTees. Before today, we were averaging about 85-95 new visitors a day. Because of the newsletter, we're already at 937 and it's only 2:47 in the afternoon. So, needless to say, we're quite excited.

Besides that, not much to report. We put up a bunch of new designs this weekend including Corn shits out solid, One more drink and I'm yours, No more F*ckin Cowbell!, and a few others, so make sure to check them out.

Anyway, as always, make sure to keep checking the site for updates, and make sure to keep voting for us using the links at the bottom of the main page (feel free to click the google ads too). And, as you know, we can't afford advertising, so make sure to tell all of your friends about the site and tell them to sign up for the newsletter on the bottom left. I'll be sending a new newsletter soon with info on the newest sale.


Farewell Sports Section

this image is copyrighted so don't even think about it

See the design above? It used to be on BurnTees....but not anymore. Our outsourced printer (CafePress) removed the image for copyright purposes. I do understand where they're coming from...it's illegal and they're liable...but I really liked this design!!! (we even sold one a while back before it was removed so there's some girl out there who has this design on a shirt and might be the only person ever to have it)

Over the last month or so, we've put up about 5 or 6 designs that have been removed. Our "Burn" logo with Ashton Kutcher (Kelso) was removed (another one that someone owns already, so the idea won't be lost), our DARE shirt was removed (and that one was funny as hell), our CocaCola "Cokehead" shirt was removed...well, i think you get the point.

Anyway, since we can't use Jeter's name, A-Rod's name, or any other Major league team name...we realized that it just might be a little hard to actually have a sports section...so it's gone....at least for now.

While we're on the topic of sports, I'd just like to add something. The Mets are not out of it yet. Poser boy wants to give up on the season...I just don't agree. They're only 9 games back, 1 game under 500, just took 2 out of 3 from the Nationals, and THERE'S STILL HALF A SEASON LEFT!! Carlos Beltran still isn't 100% so we still haven't seen him at his prime, and once he is at 100%, this is a whole different team. Plus there are some young pitching staffs on the NL east, so I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing some of these guys tire out in the second half of the season. So, I think you all get my point.

And one other thing while we're talking about sports...The Yankees Suck...and while we're at it...the Eagles suck too.

Another quick thought...i haven't been able to get the link to work on the side of the site, so...here's a link to Schmoil's blog: Schmoil's Blog

Back to the shirts...BurnTees will be adding at least 4 or 5 new designs today, so make sure to check the site out. And again, if you have any brilliant ideas that you think would make a great t-shirt, email it to us at custom@burntees.com and we might just put if up on the site. Also, like i've mentioned before...if you've bought a BurnTees shirt, we wanna see pictures!! so, email them to us at pictures@burntees.com (obviously the more original/strange pictures will make it up on the site...so make it interesting)

That's all for now. It's early, and I'm going back to bed.


West Virginia

This is Shaun and just like my secretary Mathew, I also went away this weekend; I was in West Virginia for a wedding. It was wonderful, believe it or not. Not much out there, but the people i went with and the activities that we did were alot of fun. GO COUGARS!!!
Im not gonna write a long drawn out blog about my trip cause frankly i have a job that i cant sit on the internet writing about myself to maybe the 3 people who actual read this.

Unlike my athletically challenged friend I also played golf and its a new found love of mine, I am presently looking for people who live in the hoboken area who would love to play.

The fourth of july is a great holiday, you can't beat beer, burgers, and fireworks on the hudson. Combine that with some good green and you are set my man.

thats all for now....

"keepin it real, trying not to be wack"


Shout out to Jacksonville

For all of you where were concerned, please be aware that Mike is back home and alive. He's a little sore, but doing much better. Now that that's been put behind us, lets move along.

Poser boy still hasn't written a blog, so I'll just continue to do all the work and keep everyone updated on my life.

This weekend I travelled to Jacksonville, Florida in order to further expand the BurnTees fan base. While I was there, I happened to run into a friend of mine and she let me stay at her place, which was super nice. A few quick notes about Jacksonville

  • The place is f*ckin HUGE!!! There's no such thing as "walking to the store".. or.. "the bar? yea, it's right down the block." Nope....doesn't exist. Everything is at least a 10 minute drive.
  • The place is f*ckin CHEAP!!! Easily my favorite part about Jacksonville (besides my new friends of course). Melanie (my personal assistant) came down to Jacksonville with me and I feel like the only thing we did all weekend was go "it's only how much?! back home that would be so much more!!!!" It's a fun game, I recommend everyone travelling to someplace cheaper than the place they're from and playing that game (and to the people who already live in the cheapest place...sorry...but you probably can't afford to travel anywhere anyway)
  • I don't like grits. That's not a guess either. I tried it...and it's gross.
  • Country music still sucks.
  • Apparently people down in Jacksonville are not huge Bon Jovi fans. I thought everyone in the world was a Bon Jovi fan, but I was wrong. I sang "Dead or Alive" at a karaoke bar down there (cause that's what I do) and I swear, the hardcore rednecks in the bar looked like they were gonna kill me right there in the bar.
  • Did I mention how cheap it was?
  • I'm not very good at golf
  • Oh yea, and the best part? I flew down to Florida for July 4th weekend, and it rained pretty much the entire time I was there; which ties in well with the previous point because thunderstorms and golfing do not go well. There was a lightning bolt so close to us that it actually sent a 230 pound man about 3 feet in the air (the bolt didn't actually do that, but Paras got so scared that he pretty much jumped 3 feet in the air)

In all honesty, I had a really awesome time down in Jacksonville. The people are great down there and without even trying, we picked up some new BurnTees fans in the process. So, don't you worry, your Duval F*ckin County shirt should be coming up soon (i just have to convince poser boy to design them) as long as I start seeing visitors from Jacksonville on the site. So do your job down there and spread the word about BurnTees.

In regards to an actual update on the site....I don't really have one. Poser boy is working really hard on (lol...hard on) getting all our new designs up so it's just a waiting game at this point.

Also, to everyone who has bought something at BurnTees...Thanks....and make sure to send us pictures of your BurnTees purchase to pictures@burntees.com. Also, we'll be adding a testimonials section, so, if you want to write to us and tell us how much you love our products (or if you just want to tell us to go f*ck ourselves), send us an email at testimonials@burntees.com.

Oh yea...make sure to keep clicking on all of the links at the bottom of the page....especially the "ranking" links at the bottom.

Thanks for reading