Random Rant

(Note: I know this post is a little gay, but I don't care...this city needs help and I am going to try and provide that help)

I've noticed a pretty big problem in New York City. What makes the problem even worse is that New York is a fashion mecca and New Yorkers pride themselves in being trendy, hip, and find it important to look good. The problem? Men wearing pants that are too short. That's right....there's just too much sock showing in New York.

I was starting a new job about 2 years ago and it was the first job that required me to dress semi-nicely. That meant a shopping spree for me. Shopping for me is hard for two reasons....I'm picky as hell, and I'm taller than most. Finding my size in your average store is almost impossible because...well...i'm not gonna lie....I'm tall and fat. Stores like banana republic usually don't carry a 38x34 and that's what size I wear.

I didn't know what to do so I bought a 38x32 which most stores DO carry. However, I was quite self conscience about it. I know from watching "What Not To Wear" that my pants should reach the bottom of my shoe and I know from "Queer Eye" that there should be a nice break in the front by the ankle as well. Well, my 38x32 certainly didn't reach the bottom of my shoe and there was definitely no break. When I looked in the mirror I thought I looked retartded...which I did. Result? I bought size 38x34 pants online (I had to buy like 10 pairs so that I could try on the different styles and see what fit...I spent like $1,000...not cool at all. Luckily I returned most that didn't fit and got a lot of that money back).

Point? Since then, I just seem to notice the length of mens pants more...and I gotta tell you...I've been quite disappointed in my fellow New Yorkers. And just to be clear, I'm not talking about 80 year old men who wear their pants slightly below their man boobs. I'm talking about 21-45 year olds who wear their pants below their belly button and who should know better. People...Pee Wee Herman was not a fashion icon...please stop wearing your pants like he did!

Oh yea...and if you're going to wear pants that are WAY too short...please don't wear white socks with your dress slacks.