Just a few things

I hate this man with a passion. I'm sorry. I know he's the host of a show that does wonderful things for people, but I really just can't stand him.

First of all, please wear some sleeves. Nobody wants to see you wearing those button downs that you bought at Sears with the sleeves cut off. You look like a douchebag.

Second of all, do you know how to NOT SCREAM!?!?!?! It's like you and Jack Bauer have the same problem but opposite extremes. He only wispers, you only scream. And then to scream into a loud speaker? What the hell is wrong you with you?

Third of all...what do you have to do to get on this show? You used to just have to be poor. Now, you need to be poor, a husband who was killed in Iraq, 2 kids, one of which is disabled...oh...yea...and you need to run a charity that's in pretty bad shape as well. It's almost as bad as Queer Eye....in order to be on that show now, you already have to be semi famous...it's like they just got tired of searching for deserving people and started saying..."hm...he's famous, but he could really use a haircut...he's perfect!"

Let's see...what else.

I don't know...there's just so much shit that bothers me these days. How bout this...why won't you leave a comment on what's bothering you, and I can rant and rave about that as well.

Until next time....


janemarie said...

I know you already ranted about this one previously, but I need to reiterate my complete and utter loathing of all those who don the Dunkin Donuts uniform. Furthermore, I detest Mr. Dunkin Donut himself for making his Iced French Vanilla w/ Cream so addicting that I'm forced to put up with the complete morons he hires to serve them.

Anonymous said...

You don't like TY?? Everyone LOVES TY!! I know I do..lol.