More stuff that's bothering me

I love when people's MySpace picture is a picture of them in their car, or just a picture of their car. Nobody cares for a few reasons:

1) If I lived at home, I'd be able to afford a really nice car also. But the fact remains, i'd still be living at home...so even if you have your great car...just imagine the girl's reaction when you say "no, it's cool, my parents are cool with it" as you try to take her "home" with you.

2) Your parents bought the car for you.....nobody is impressed by that.

3) Chances are, if you're one of these people, your friends are either 1)porn stars who you've definitely NEVER talked to 2) other guys with cars in their picture 3) other guys wearing no shirts in their picture 4) girls who tan so much that by the time they're 30, they'll look like they're 60. You can have those girls

until next time....