Contemptster Metioned in New York Magazine

Our friends (and I don't mean "hey, you write a blog and I write a blog" type of friend...they're actual friends of mine) over at Contemptster.com were pleasantly surprised to learn that they were mentioned in the latest edition of New York Magazine:

NY Magazine Link - 3rd paragraph:
3. In keeping with the spirit of online vitriol, a blogger known as the Contemptster chose the occasion of a recent Look Book subject (October 15) to chastise the magazine for glorifying the rich. “We have the largest gap between rich and poor in history …and most of us are one paycheck away from sharing the sidewalk with a urine-drenched schizo, yet we need to give this woman a forum…someone please fix me an arsenic cocktail.” Coming right up!

So great lol. Like Contemptster has any business being in NYMagazine.

Here's their response:

A special thanks to New York Magazine for linking and writing about our blog. Even though they’re criticizing our “vitriol” and offering to assist our suicide like so many Dr. Kervokians it’s still pretty cool. We really have no right being published in a legitimate magazine let alone a publication that practically swept the National Magazine Awards last year.

But you know what, I think I’ll pass on that arsenic cocktail for now. That is, until we make the Lowbrow/Despicable quadrant of the Approval Matrix (which has been known to “borrow” our ideas from time to time. Kidding!) because that would be a pinnacle that we could never top.

Oh, and one more thing: we’re called Contemptster, not “The Contempster”. Well, unless you want to sound like my dad in which case may we introduce you to “The Google“?

So exciting for our friends over at Contemptster. Maybe one day soon the people over at New York Magazine will be excited to learn that they've been mentioned on Contemptster.com.