Get All Your Election '08 Merchandise Now!

CafePress is a great place to get all of your election 2008 merchandise. Click the banner above to check out some of the great republican tees, democratic t shirts, political mugs, calendars, buttons, hats, and now they even carry election 2008 yard signs for you to put out on your front lawn.

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Save $5 off $50
use the code FALL2007 at checkout
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TDjunkie.com said...

There is plenty of political stuff on the cafepress website.


BurnTees said...

ok...first tdjunkie went onto BurnTees directly to try and promote his site..and now he is on my blog trying to promote his site. HE WILL STOP AT NOTHING! so annoying.

Anonymous said...

Burn Tees.

Trust me, I have had the exact same experiences with TDJunkie. He would tatter my facebook group with pictures of HIS shirts and links to HIS sites. I would delete these over and over again yet he would keep reposting. Its a nasty spamming habit. Anyways protect your company from companies like that. The company has been busted in the past for causing such bedlam in the Clothing Design Business.

I started a Blog to report and keep track of nasty clothing companies. It primarily serves to expose and report those who are STEALING concepts and designs from other original companies. I would be happy if you joined the blog and became a regular member of it.

Here is the link.