Display song lyrics on your ipod

Personally, I didn't know that this was possible until last week, but it's a pretty awesome feature. I'm also including a link at the bottom of the article to a really neat widget from Yahoo that automatically downloads album artwork and lyrics into iTunes for you.

Q I listen to opera and other music in languages other than English. Much of this music comes with lyrics and English translations. I like listening on my MP3 player, but I don’t like having to carry around the CD notes to read while I listen. Is there a portable player that would allow me to read the lyrics while I listen?

Yes. The Apple iPods are capable of displaying lyrics while you listen. This capability has been on the standard iPods and on iPod Nanos for a while, and has just been added to the new iPod Touch and to the iPhone. It requires the lyrics to be entered into the song file, either manually or by cutting and pasting.

You enter lyrics using Apple’s companion iTunes software, on either a Windows or a Macintosh computer. To do so, you select the song, then, from the File menu, click on “Get Info.” You then select the tab called “Lyrics,” which brings up an empty window. You can type in the lyrics or first copy them from a Web site (or other source) and then paste them into this window. You then click OK, and, when you synchronize the song with your iPod, the lyrics come with it.

On the standard iPod itself, to view the lyrics while listening, you press the large center button multiple times until the lyrics appear. On the iPod Touch and iPhone, you tap on the image of the album cover while a song is playing. If the song file contains lyrics, they appear.

Pretty awesome right? As promised, here's a link to a really cool widget from Yahoo that will automatically download the album artwork and lyrics. If someone knows of something better, leave a comment and let me know! - http://widgets.yahoo.com/widgets/itunes-companion