Who Sent Us Guitar Hero III?!?!?!?

A few days ago I came home to a delivery box that contained Guitar Hero III and had NO idea how had sent it. I finally found out today who sent it and this is my fiancee's recap and thank you to the wonderful people who bought it for us. Although the names have been changed, this is absolutely based on a true event. I thought that her email was so great that I wanted to share it with all of you. Enjoy!

Hi Guys,

The other night as I was hanging on for dear life during a treacherous cab ride in the snow, I answered my phone only to hear Mathew [that's me!] on the other end joyfully asking, "Did you send me an early Valentine's Day present?"

"Not me," I answered, thinking to myself, um….Valentine's day is about HIM getting ME presents, not vice versa.

"Well", Mathew continued, "there's a big box here addressed to us and inside is Guitar Hero, are you sure it wasn't you?"

Wishing it was me, I answered, "No. Honestly. I didn't get you Anything. Nothing at all. Barely a Card. Sorry….and by the way, what are you getting me?" But I digress...

When I arrived home, there it was. Shiny. New. Glorious.

There was no packing slip. Only the name of a company. There was no hint as to whom had bestowed upon us this awesomeness. Not one small clue. We were at a complete loss as to how this package mysteriously arrived addressed to both our names (even Mathew was spelled correctly with Just ONE T!). Who on earth is ferociously fierce enough to not only send Guitar Hero, but to spell it right…with just ONE T!? Who?!

The suspense was maddening. We stayed up all night, pacing around the apartment, drawing flow-charts and diagrams, creating our own personal 6-degrees of separation, desperately trying to figure the mystery out until we collapsed with exhaustion two days later. Finally, being nothing short of a super-sleuth, Mathew dug around and got the phone number to the company from which it came. As luck would have it, the company's phone lines don't open until 10am Pacific, so at 1pm today, Mathew frantically dialed, desperate to get this mystery solved once and for all. At last, a friendly customer-service associate answered his myriad of questions, "Who Killed JFK?, Where is Hoffa's body buried?, What is the Meaning of Life and Who on Earth Sent Us This Treasure Called Guitar Hero?!". Then, with one simple answer, the customer service representative gave him the answer we were so desperately seeking. "It was ordered by a Mr. John Tinsley [made up name]."

Light shone in to his windowless office and the sound of angels singing rang out.

Mustering every little bit of strength he had left, Mathew dialed my phone number. When I picked up the phone, I could hear he was panting heavily like he had just completed a 5K run. When he caught what little breath he had left, he heaved, "John…...Lisa [John's girlfriend]...it was ordered by a Mr. John Tinsley…" He then dropped the receiver and fell to the ground in a heap of sweat and exhaustion.

What else can we say, but WOW! And THANK YOU! And to what do we owe this honor?! And did I say WOW!!!!!

We can only think of one way to properly thank you and that would be to give us a couple of weeks to practice and then let us have you two over to battle it out!

Nothing says thank you like a good old fashioned Wii ass-whooping, and we really want to say thank you.

Seriously, Thank You.


Fiancee and Mathew (Future Guitar Hero Champions of the World.)