Arrested Development : Bluth vs Bush - Another Crazy Carl Post

Did you notice all the parallels between the Bluth Family and the Bush Family?

Bush Family: 3 sons 1 daughter
Bluth Family: 3 sons 1 daughter

Bush Family: Weird usage of Acronyms for names: JEB (John Ellis) Bluth
Bluth Family: Weird Usage of Acronyms for names: GOB (George Oscar) Bluth

Bush Family: Filthy Rich, yet aloof and uncaring and self absorbed.
Bluth Family: Filthy Rich, yet aloof and uncaring and self absorbed.

George HW Bush (41st President): Friendly with Saddam until he fell out of favor with Americans
George Bluth: Friendly with Saddam until he fell out of favor with Americans

Barbara Bush: Openly racist, hatred towards minorities and uncaring towards people suffering
Lucille Bluth: Openly racist, hatred towards minorities and uncaring towards people suffering

George W. Bush: failed businessman and moocher off his parents and name until his 40's
GOB Bluth: failed magician and moocher off his parents and name into his 30's.

Unfortunately, Arrested development lasted a little over 2 years, and the Bush dyansty has lasted like 40 years. I agree this show was cancelled way too early, especially considering its brilliance. However, TV execs are generally morons. Take a look at how long the Honeymooners lasted, for example. 

If anyone can think of any other parallels between the Bushes and the Bluths, let me know.

-Crazy Carl Himself

STEVE HOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I believe Lucille bluth is Cheney. Lucille Bluth says "I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it" from time to time. Cheney said that at one point in an interview during the 2000 presidential campaign.
GOB is def supposed to be George W. Bush. He's the not-so-intelligent older brother, President in name only, while others hold the real power. when GOB becomes president of the Bluth Company he says that he did it just to win his father's approval because he always felt like George, Sr. was never proud of him. So that's another parallel. GOB also rides around on a Segway which George W Bush also did a lot. Often, he speaks from it like a pulpit. And one time he even has a “P” glued to the front of it. And when GOB floated down in front of that "Mission Accomplished" banner... Well... It seemed like it was too similar to the "mission accomplished" moment from the Iraq war for that to be coincidental.
Gob’s puppet Franklin who was called to the stand in court may represent Colin Powell and how he was manipulated like a 'puppet' while testifying at the United Nations as to the existence of biological weapons in Iraq.
1994 Jeb lost the race to become Governor of Florida to Lawton Chiles. He lost by a very small margin, and because of some kind of fraud on the part of Chiles there were some who wanted to overturn the results. But Jeb conceded the election because he didn't want things to be ugly.
In "Immaculate Election" Michael says, "The... the other guy won the actual title although there were plenty in the school who wanted to overturn the decision, I said, 'Let's--do not-- Let's not put the school through that.' You know. I haven't thought about that for years. Good memory."
In Season 2 "Motherboy XXX," at 16:28, Gob's "wife" says, "Wow, I misunderestimated you. This mis-speech was made famous by George W. Bush and is a commonly quoted "Bushism."
Tobias is Dorothy, the other Bush sister. (It’s also just a joke about him being girly.) More evidence that Tobias is Dorothy Bush Koch: Tobias is an author. The real Dorothy Bush is an author; she wrote "My Father, My President: A Personal Account of the Life of George H. W. Bush".
In the last episode, Michael tells Tobias that he will find him some sort of job in the Bluth company. Something called an "events coordinator." The real Dorothy Bush, according to Wikipedia, "works organizing events."
Also, the real Dorothy Bush raises money for charities and other non-profits, just like Tobias and Lindsay.
Another thing... Dorothy Bush's spouse has substantial equity interest in a company that manufactures and distributes vodka. Arrested Development's "Dorothy" also has a spouse that took a job promoting vodka... (in "Public Relations, from season 1).
I suspected that Kitty was Rumsfeld when I started thinkin' hm, she's the corrupt secretary... Secretary... hmm.... And she's in bed with George Sr., and they were fairly explicit when they showed him with that cooler that said H. Maddas...

Anonymous said...


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