I Want a New TV - A Short Film By Crazy Carl

Crazy Carl:

It's a very short film.  Its a film with like a guy is in a living room, watching a small tv. with his wife/girlfriend and he says to his wife (and keeps saying to his wife/fiancee over and over) "when are we getting a new tv?"

"a bigger, nice, really expensive tv"

"and you know you have to spend 2 months salary on the new TV. You have to. Its Custom and Tradition"

"I won't except a cheap tv thats only $1000 or $2000 either. Thats not even an option"

"i'm not going to stay in this relationship forever if you don't save the money to buy a new tv."

"i'm getting older, i can't wait forever for a bigger tv."

"stop wasting your money on things that aren't a new bigger tv"

"all my friends have new tv's"

hmmmmmm  I think Crazy Carl's talking about something else here and not a TV.

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