The economy sucks

Everyone is feeling the pinch these days. The economy sucks right now and whether or not it's George Bush's fault, I'm going to blame it on him because he sucks and I'm happy to blame all of the country's problems on him.

With that being said....the fiancee and I did some food shopping this weekend and man, is shit getting expensive. Here in New York City, groceries are generally more expensive anyway and even though most of us don't have cars and aren't directly paying for higher gas costs, it's affecting the cost of everything around us.

We tried to be good and check out some circulars before going food shopping but didn't really see anything of value, or any coupons for anything we'd normally buy. I'm a sucker for buying stuff I don't need just because it's on sale, but the fiancee usually keeps me in check. We also checked out some online deal sites to see what kind of deals we could find (after reading this consumerist article), but the sites are very hard to navigate (WAY too many categories and hard to actually find any deals/coupons) and ended up not really finding anything.

Once out food shopping we tried to be good, buy things that were on sale, but it still ends up costing a ton of money. To be honest, I'm not sure how middle income families pay for these groceries.

So, what can we do? Is ordering from freshdirect.com cheaper? How about amazon.com for certain groceries? Do we need to dig in deeper to those deal/coupon sites? I really don't know...but if you do, please let me know.

Happy Monday everyone.

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Anonymous said...

To keep costs down, shop at Costco (I live in Manhattan and go to the one in Brooklyn via the subway and use a shopping cart.)
The prices on food and clothing can't be beat, and the prices for dvds and electronics are lower than Bet Buy or Circuit City.
The only problem is the limited selection. But considering how much you save, now you can afford a couple of pricer items at D'Agastinos!