Rock Band = Awesome

Saturday night the fiancee and I visited our awesome friends Adam and Lisa who bought us Guitar Hero III for our engagement (I wrote about that earlier...read the article here). We saw Lisa's amazing new apartment, ate, talked, blah blah blah...and played Rock Band on the XBox 360!!! Now, I love Guitar Hero III which we have for the Wii, but with 4 of us, this was SO MUCH FUN!

The main difference between Rock Band and Guitar Hero (in case you don't know) is that Guitar Hero is only played on the guitar and rock band allows you to play guitar, drums and sing. Adam and Lisa have 2 guitars so we were able to play lead guitar, bass, sing, and play drums on every song. Drums were definitely tough the first few times, but after a few songs, you get the hang of it and it is tons of fun.

Our band (Bad 80's Bikini) rocked out all night and now the fiancee and I can't wait to buy Rock band for the Wii. It's a little expensive (amazon is letting you pre-order for the low low price of $169.99), but after playing it, I can definitely say that it's completely worth it. It's a ton of fun for just one person and even more fun when you have friends over.

We ended up staying up playing Rock Band till 3 in the morning which is the latest we've stayed up in quite a while. We happen to know exactly when we last stayed up that late because the last time it happened it was quite a feat for us as well (we're getting so old).

Moral of this post? 1) Thank you Adam and Lisa for showing us an awesome time on Saturday night. We had so much fun. 2) Go out and buy Rock Band.

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