Vote for BurnTees

it's simple! it's fun! it's Voting for BurnTees! yay!!!

takes two seconds, i promise. just visit the links below and click "vote!". Feel free to pass this on to friends :)



http://www.shoppingring.net/tshirts/rankem.cgi?id=BurnTees (for this one, just click "enter")

Thanks everyone!

Now, on to bigger and better things. Tomorrow is the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day and I couldn't be more excited. We'll be out in full force wearing our BurnTees St. Patrick's Day t shirts and handing out Hoboken St. Patrick's Day buttons so if you see us, make sure to say hello! And, like last year, I'm hoping to run into lots of people wearing BurnTees t shirts so that I can take pictures of them and put them up on the website! I'll report back on Monday with a full report of whatever I remember :)

And don't forget that there's still time to order your St. Patrick's Day gear. Just go to www.BurnTees.com and make sure to check out the coupon codes on the left side of the site.