Crazy Carl

Current IM conversation:

Carl: dude, why didn't you tell me that the conference tournaments start tomorrow? now the day will fly by, since i'll put a little action on them, and watch the gamecenter on cbssportsline.com
Me: i didn't even know
Carl: it kinda sneaks up on you, eh? i don't even know about what to do for a pool. the IRS shut the one down here in staten island, run by a local bar... where the prize pool is usually around a million. they announced yesterday their not having it this year. someone always fucks up whatever is fun. gambling is so so so so bad. and strangely, the state of new york runs a lottery... which, and i'm not quite sure about this...IS GAMBLING.

i didn't include the rest of the conversation because it got so exhausting.

ps - as soon as I have some time i'll update the blog so I can tell you all how Hoboken St. Patrick's Day was (from what I remember at least)