Forgetting Sarah Marshall

The fiancee and I had a nice little date yesterday afternoon and went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I'm not one to normally do movie reviews but I figure what the hell, might as well share with the world what I thought about it. So...here goes.....

If you were ever curious as to what Jason Segel's penis looks like, go see Sarah Marshall and you'll know.

Sarah Marshall was funny, and yes, even cute...a perfect date movie. Both the fiancee and I enjoyed it and although it might not be as funny as Superbad or Knocked Up, it's still a great movie and one I definitely recommend seeing.

It's also quite raunchy which makes me pretty uncomfortable now knowing that my parents also went to see this movie. There are certain movies that you never want to see with your parents, and this is one of them. I wonder how many of the jokes my mother actually even understood.

All in all, good movie, thumbs up, go see it. Oh, and just so you know, you'll want to take a vacation to Hawaii as soon as the movie is over, so be prepared.

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