Crazy Carl's update on the toughest athlete in sports

In case you missed it, Crazy Carl and I recently had a conversation about the toughest athlete in sports. Below is the original post.

Recently Sports Illustrated ran an article called The 25 Toughest Athletes (link to article). Carl and I had some discussions about this list and about how absurd it is. How can you name an athlete who plays in a non-contact sport the toughest athlete?

Anyway, here's the first IM I received from Carl today:

(that's Carl's real screen name. Feel free to IM him and call him names)

RUCameron77 (11:02:27 AM): the masters started today. already one golfer had his arm broken, another got paralyzed, and another broke his leg so badly that the broken bone came through the skin and was sticking out.
RUCameron77 (11:02:58 AM): oh wait, that didn't happen in golf... because golf isn't tough, isn't a "sport", golfers aren't tough, and tiger is a big fat pussy

Oh Crazy Carl, you're crazy!

Carl had some things to add to this discussion this morning so I thought I'd share that with you.

RUCameron77 (10:32:36 AM): in the meantime... tiger woods is mad about all the shit i've been saying about him being not tough, and a pussy.
me (10:32:45 AM): oh really?
RUCameron77 (10:33:03 AM): so, he announced yesterday that he's going to prove to me that he's tough.
me (10:33:24 AM): i'm listening
RUCameron77 (10:33:25 AM): and he's going to prove it by carrying his own golfclubs around the course at the next tournament
RUCameron77 (10:33:31 AM): hahahahahaha.
me (10:33:44 AM): lol, yea, wouldn't that be something?
me (10:33:53 AM): although, he's still tougher then pitchers who wear a jacket when they get on base
RUCameron77 (10:33:59 AM): hahahahaha.
RUCameron77 (10:34:35 AM): however... if a pitcher is on base with a jacket on, it means he got a hit.
RUCameron77 (10:34:45 AM): he hit a ball moving 90 miles at hour at him...
RUCameron77 (10:34:58 AM): as opposed to pussy woods who is hitting a ball thats not even moving.
RUCameron77 (10:35:25 AM): in fact, tiger is such a pussy that he can't hit that standing still ball if anyone makes a noise.

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