Crazy Carl

For those of you who already know Carl (aka CJ, aka Crazy Carl), you know that he's crazy. How else do you end up with a name like Crazy Carl?

Here's his description of himself off his myspace page: "I'm random, eccentric, intelligent, pseduo-intellectual, funny, and confused. I'm off the charts. I know I'm searching for enlightenment, but other than that I have no clue. I have issues. I'm just trying to enjoy the ride that life is. I have a highly addictive personality. Right now I'm addicted to the Jack Bauer Power Hour and Pop Candy **What I'm reading: Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse by David Jay Brown and Paper Lion by George Plimpton ***Recently Finished: Welcome to the Homeland by Brian Mann and Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris"

Anyway, Carl comes up with crazy ideas and crazy theories and he feels that it's necessary to instant message me each day with these crazy crazy thoughts. And each day I say "Carl, instead of IMing me with these crazy thoughts, why not start a blog?" Well, up until this point no blog exists, so I'm taking it upon myself to share with the public some of the crazy things that Carl says to me.

Here's today's:

"lets pretend for a moment that i'm not the most cynical asshole on the planet. on E! network this weekend, there was a show called "anna nicole smith- an unfinished life". an unfinished life? was she just about to cure cancer or AIDS? or end world hunger?"

I hope you enjoyed today's edition of Crazy Carl.


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