New York City Sidewalk Olympics

Am I the only one who walks down the street thinking "nice move!"? Each day I walk to work and if you live or work in NYC, you know that walking on the sidewalk could be its own sport. Personally, I think I'm quite good at it...good to the point that this morning when I got off the subway, I made a slick move and immediately thought "I KNOW someone saw that and they were definitely impressed with my walking skills". I'm not kidding.

If there was an Olympics for New York City sidewalk walking, I'd definitely be on the team. Again, I'm not kidding. I really think I'm that good.

Most people walk and react. Not me. I'm always three moves ahead, planning my route, predicting people's movements. The door to the shoe shine place swings open?! I saw it coming. Old lade stops to do whatever it is that old ladies stop to do? I'm already by her.

The trickiest obstacle? Tourists. You just never know when they'll stop, turn, speed up, slow down. And you're not just dealing with one person...by rule there's always at least 2 tourists together at any one time, so your obstacle is at least twice as wide as you're used to. That's how you can spot tourists by the way. In the morning, every one's traveling by themselves, but the tourists are in packs (of course, you can also spot them by the map, the backpack, the confused look, the slow walking, the head pointed straight up at the buildings, and the look of "pretend like you live here...that's what the book said...pretend like you live here").

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More great news! Carl IMed me this morning with this:

"This is from the Department of Misplaced Priorities. a few weeks ago, there was an article in USA Today about how murderers are learning from TV shows like CSI and Law and Order how better to get away with their crimes. Now, the idea of hardcore sex on network television would shock Censors, Network Executives, and the Christian Coalition, but they have no problem airing shows which can help people literally get away with murder."

Thank you Carl.


The Girlfriend said...

Funny thing Champ, I belong in the sidewalk "Special Olympics" and I'd still lose.
I guess opposites attract.