Websites to check out

I thought I'd do a quick feature on two websites that I want to help promote because I know the people who run them:

1) TVBigBoard.com - Their about us section says it all: What happens when three guys with various addictions to television, games, gambling, and the internet get together? The answer: TVBigBoard.com.

Basically, TVBigBoard is a site which allows you to bet on TV shows with play money. Prizes are then awarded to top earners.

From the site:

What is TVBigBoard?

TVBigBoard is a free, interactive entertainment site that allows you to bet tokens – which we call “BigBoard Bucks” - on the plot twists, character developments and other results of your favorite TV shows.

For each show on this site you will find questions, as well as potential answers to those questions, about things that may happen in upcoming episodes.

Definitely check it out and let me know if you end up as addicted as I am (even though I suck at it lol)

2) MyDrobe.com - from the site: mydrobe is a new and easy way to organize your wardrobe, share your style with others, and find new fashions!

MyDrobe.com was started by a guy named Kevin...the same guy who started the website DressKevin.com. Kevin was tired of figuring out what to wear, so he created a website to let other people decide for him. MyDrobe.com allows everyone to do the same. You upload pictures of your clothes and have people in community help you decide which outfit works best.

Check out the BurnTees MyDrobe page here - mydrobe.com/burntees

On a completely separate note, I'm actually having a conversation right now about the new show on Fox - Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. All I have to say is that if I was on the show, I'd be making a fool of myself.

Carl thinks these people are idiots, but only Carl remembers that the area of a triangle is equal to 1/2 its base times the height. Let's ask these 5th graders to do some work in excel (because that's the only thing I know anymore) and see who's smarter then!