It's Friday!

I just came back from a meeting and returned to this from Crazy Carl:

"Did you notice Britney Spears on the cover of the Daily News today? Boy, is she a psychopath! one of my girlfriend's friends said that she felt bad for Britney's kids, and that they were going to grow up messed up. but, given the choice between being Jayden Spears- Federline...and being mike jones, born in a public housing project in detroit, to a drug addicted 12 year old mother living in poverty...Call me crazy, but i'd rather be Jayden Spears Federline any day of the next 65 years. In fact, I'd rather be the son of someone who's rich and crazy... than the son of someone who's extremely poor and noble. Then again, I'm just Crazy Carl, What do i know?"

Thank you Carl.

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