New Products Available!

Today CafePress (the company we use to print our t shirts) announced that there is new merchandise available. It's going to take us a while to update the entire store, but here's a sneak peak at what's available:

Click here to view new products

I've already set up some of the new products in our "I Never Finish Anythi" section, so you can see what some of the new products actually look like with an image by checking out this section

Some new features that are available:

New V Neck Shirts for Women.

New Colors available on products that were previously available (this is just one example, if you look thru the page, click wherever you see "more colors available" to see the entire selection).

When you zoom in on an image, it shows the actual color of the shirt in the background instead of a white background

I hope you like the new products as much as I do and I'll make sure to update this posting with new information as it becomes available.

This just posted by CafePress in the forums:
Hi Shopkeepers,

We’re excited to announce that new merchandise is online and available for you to add to your shop NOW!

We’ve got a new women’s style and more colors! Here are the new items:
Dark T-Shirts: Red, Royal, Brown, Charcoal
Light T-Shirts: Natural, Light-Blue
Women's Dark T-Shirts: Red, Caribbean Blue, Violet
Women's Light T-Shirt: Light Yellow, Light Blue, Light Pink
Women's V-Neck T-Shirt: White
Women's Dark V-Neck T-Shirt: Black, Heather Grey

With this merchandise release, a few changes include:

• Transparent images now work for all products: Before, transparent images could only be applied to “dark” apparel. The ability to apply transparent images to all products means that there is less of a need to have one image for “light” shirts and another image for “dark” shirts.

Please note: The color white will still only be supported on “dark” apparel. When printed on “light” apparel, white will appear transparent/clear – meaning the shirt will show through instead of the color white. For example: if your image is using only the color white, it will appear to have no image. Depending on your image, you may need to make adjustments for “dark” apparel vs. other items.

• More Colors Available notification: To let your customers know that they can choose from a group of colors, we’ve included “More Colors Available” text under apparel with more than one color option. Please note: This is not a dynamic feature. This will show up for all apparel with more than one color option.

• Additional Product “Action” Photos: We are now reducing the number of product action photos for all products from 4 to 1.

• Colored Background Display: When you zoom in on a product image the background color will match the color of the item being currently viewed.