3 Girls and Us


So...make no mistake...I'm a dad. I've got 3 girls. Hey, in my household, I'm over-run with female hormones. At the last count it's 14:1 on the girls:guys ratio. (You really want the full run-down? Oh, ok then...3 kids, my wife, the two cats and eight fish).

I work full time. And to make an extra crust (hey, you'd have to with that many women to support!!!) I started a T-shirt store. Well, 'we' started a T-shirt store my wife would say. We're both creative (I'm most proud of my recent 1st Prize in the Pencil Drawing category at our local village fair!!) and thought it would both be a good outlet for our creative juices and might help pay for a few things...the ballet lessons, the jazz lessons, the piano lessons, the shoes...

And now I can't sleep at night. I'm hooked on T-shirts. Everywhere I go I see them...and every time I spot someone with a groovy one I just HAVE to get a close-up look (I'm gonna get arrested one of these days!). We brainstorm ideas on a regular basis. Usually when we're driving in the car, kids in the back seat. That's when "Super Pooper" was born - we were talking about Super Heros after watching the Incredibles at the cinema. Other designs come from the wonderful experience that is being a parent...like our "can you smell something" baby T-shirt.

How would I sum up our clothes? Cute, cheeky, cool, groovy clothes for babies, kids, mums and dads. (We try not to leave the parents out...but have to admit, the kids get most of the attention - just like real life - so you'll find stacks of designs in our store for young ones).

And then there's the store's name. Well, that was simple - it had to be about us as a family since our clothes are all about that. so it had to be "3 Girls and Us". Brilliant. Simple. Unique.


...now my wife might be pregnant. Oh boy! Hey, if only it really is a boy!! Some male company for me! Someone to kick a ball round with. Someone to fly kites with. (Hey, that gives me a great idea for a T-shirt...)

And as for the store name? Well, maybe we'll have to change it. "3 Girls and Us...and our Boy!"


The 3 Girls...how could I not include this picture?

First of all, the store is great...obviously. But the whole 4 women in one household to 1 guy thing just cracks me up. I have a friend who is one of three girls and everytime I'm over there, I just can't image how her father has made it this far in life. Matt, do you beg your guy friends to go out and watch the game and stuff? or are you always stuck watching My Little Pony (note: I have no idea what little girls watch on tv these days. The only thing i could think of was My Little Pony from back in the day)

I really don't have much more to write...but I still can't get over this. I'm trying to put myself in Matt's shoes, and I just don't think I could do it...I'd go crazy. My wife would come home, I'd have one of the girls dressed up as a boy, mitt on her hand, FORCING her to play catch as she's crying that she wants her doll back. "You'll get your doll back when you catch the ball!! Now try it again!!!".

Well Matt...good luck...you'll need it. Wait till they're in high school.....