Montlcair Wear


I grew up in Kansas and like many queers do, I migrated to NYC 6 years ago.
(Toto - I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, thank god!) When we decided
that we needed to live in Jersey for tuition purposes, a wave of panic
rushed over me. Joisey!?! Oh no!! Was I going to be back in the land of
"big box" stores and outdated hair? We were advised that not all of New
Jersey lives up to its bad reputation. Luckily, we found Montclair.

Have you ever lived in one of those towns that's so quaint, so chic, so
desired - that whenever you tell folks where you live, the response is
always "Oooooooh, you live in _____." Well, it turns out that Montclair is
one of those towns. Who knew! Montclair is 12 miles west of NYC and has
become home to many Upper West Siders and Park Slopers who want the suburban
conveniences with all the benefits of a city life. We have tons of arts and
culture, a beautiful housing stock, a top-notch public school system, and
unlimited fine dining opportunities. In short, we are one of the "it"
places to live in New Jersey.

I've become pretty involved in the community and started up a queer
organization. From that spawned a local queer blog and I made some tshirts
at Cafepress to support the site. After a few weeks, I realized that I was
pretty good with the tshirt designs and went full throttle!

MontclairWear.com sells tshirts and other products which show off our 07042
status. Our designs vary in style, from modern to retro. Our main line of
shirts are "Montclair-inspired" original designs. These graphic tees are
similar to those you see in Old Navy, GAP, Abercrombie and
the like, featuring unique designs for (ficticious) local businesses. Our
products range from sex kitten to urban hipster. And because Montclair is
full of NYC-transplants, our tagline is "Montclair Wear - Urban Chic for the

Since Montclair is notoriously liberal, we have a large selection of
products in our "Politics & Social Commentary" section which deal with
local, state and national issues. I'm naturally a sarcastic person with a
pretty dry sense of humor, which is carried over to my tshirts. We get a
lot of hits to our Politics Section, as we have lots of anti-bush shirts and
so forth.

I think the cornerstone to my site is showing off the pride one has for
their community. It's a wonderful thing to find a place that truly feels
like home to you and where you can thrive, build a family, create
friendships and have a sense of community. For this reason, we will soon be
expanding our designs beyond Montclair and into all of Northern NJ. Maybe
Dorothy was right - there is no place like home.

Since we're from Jersey, we of course are biased towards this shop. HOWEVER...now that you're here...can you admit that no one actually says Joisey? I never really understood where that came from.

What a great mix on this shop...Montclair NJ t shirts, anti Bush tees, and gay shirts...a PERFECT combination. We may have to change our format over at BurnTees. Also, I think the fans of montclairwear.com might also enjoy our latest anti Bush design: click here to see it