Our First Featured Store - Suzy Q Shirts

Below is the first of many (we hope) blogs featuring different CafePress owners and stores. As you can see, Suzy Q Shirts is NOTHING like BurnTees, but that doesn't matter. We'll feature any shop who's products we like and who's little blog entry we like. I found this one entertaining, so congratulations to Suzy Q Shirts...you're the first featured shop.

my website: SuzyQShirts.com
my cafeshop: CafePress/SuzyQShirts

I wrote this recently in my own blog:
Thought for the day - cupcakes are the new donuts.

Folks, it has happened again. Fashion, food, and party trends start on the U.S. Coasts - New York, Los Angeles, Seattle - and slowly creep inward to the rest of the country. Sometimes trends are already 'out' in LA before they come 'in' in the Midwest. The latest craze is - get this - cupcakes.

No more doughnuts at the office staff meeting - now our fashionable designer coffee must be accompanied by a tray of fashionable designer cupcakes. Yummy moist cake in colorful paper cups piled high with butter cream frosting and sprinkles. I have to admit - I like this new trend.

Cupcakes are fun. Everybody lightens up a little when the cupcakes walk in the room. I hear they are even making wedding cakes from cupcakes these days. I think that's a great idea too. I've spent several wedding receptions trying to slice my cousins wedding cakes properly. If we'd had cupcakes, I could have spent more time enjoying the parties.

You can see my new t-shirt and gift designs dedicated to cupcakes (and a few for the lost
doughnuts) here



There you have it. Our first featured store. Make sure to check out Kiwi's other stores:

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All this talk about cupcakes brings back bad memories. Remember when you had your birhday in elementary school and you got to walk around and hand out munchkins to all the other teachers? yea, well I never got to do that. My birthday was always during Christmas break so not only did I not get to walk around and hand out munchkins to teachers, I never even got to have a birthday party in class :( One of these days, I'm gonna go to an elementary school and finally celebrate my birthday right.


Anonymous said...

cupcakes are so awesome. My favorite are Buttercream cupcakes & coffee in sunny Miami FL. They have an assortment of different mouth watering flavors.....such as chocolate with a coffee buttercream or some people call it a cafe mocha cupcake.....vanilla, lemon, orange, or oreo and cream cupcakes they have them all.....and Boy!...let me tell you they are ALL delicious.....