Shameless Humor

Shameless Humor is the latest shop to be featured in the BurnTees blog, and it's easy to figure out why. We're huge fans of this shop because the type of humor is so similar to our own. (Anything not in italics is written by the owner of Shameless Humor)

Fate led me to start my shop when customers at the restaurant where I work started laughing at the cartoons I drew on cocktail napkins.

I thought I'd silkscreen some t-shirts, and peddle them where I could, perhaps even start-up a website....

Then, thanks to my lovely wife, Terri, I decided to go even further with the idea. Terri learned about CafePress, and said, "Dude, your stuff is funny. You should color it, and start a store online." So I did.

Shameless Humor was born with twelve cartoons about wacky stuff. It's rapidly developing into an all-consuming artistic romp across space and time. I started writing funny words on shirts, in a simple, black and white layout and people loved it. Then I moved onto digital artwork, and then captioning vintage photos, and I don't think I'll stop there.

It freaks me out totally that people are wearing my designs. It's weird and cool that somewhere out there, someone else is wearing my "If I were a monkey, I'd throw poop at you." shirt and is getting the same reactions I get when I wear mine. Having people buy my art makes it not so strange to call myself an artist.

I just want to make people laugh. And think. And think they're laughing.

My shop is a rad blast, no matter what ever becomes of it. But I hope it becomes a money-makin' spaceship ride to planet Self-Employed.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out.


No Kevin, you're a rad blast. It's hard to add to what Kevin's written, so we'll just let his store speak for itself. Go check out Shameless Humor and help Kevin make it to the plant Self-Employed as soon as he can. Keep up the great work Kevin.