Parapluie Designs

Ice, ice, icicle

Pop, pop, popsicle

Test, test, testicle?

Scratching your head on that one? That's what we aim for at Parapluie Designs. We like offering shirts that make people stare, think, and go "Ahhhhh." We may not have the flashiest designs, but our shirts are for the man who dares to provoke thought. We love irony, we love puns, we love our shirts. It seems like other people do too. Our site is quickly moving up the ranks of premier t-shirt providers on the internet.

Need a shirt to wear to your most boring class? Try our "DILLIGAF" shirt. Wondering what it means? That's where the staring and thinking come in. You see the big letters and wonder. Then you get close and you see "Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?" written underneath. Ahhhhh. It makes sense now. Want a shirt to wear out on the town while kicking back a few with your friends? "My Drinking School Has a Liberal Arts Problem" is sure to rouse the locals. (Also available for Engineering School students). Self conscious about your weight? "I'm Not Fat, I'm In The Fitness Protection Program" will surely have others laughing with you and not at you!

Visiting our site is an experience by itself. We get hundreds of visitors a day who just come in to laugh at our designs. They are funny, they are witty, and most of all they are what college kids are thinking. Why not wear your thoughts on your shirt? It's easier than starting a conversation.

Parapluie Designs offers free gifts to anyone that sends in a picture of themselves in one of our shirts. So email us with those pictures and contact us here with any questions.

Paraplui Designs

It's easy to see why Paraplui is so damn successful...just take a look at their store. Even though they could be considered competition, we're huge fans. Keep up the great work. (i'd hype them up so more...but they don't need it)