One Rich Girl

See, this is why I need to do my own thing.
I work at the airport, okay, it's McDonald's in the airport, but it's still important.It's actually a very cool job because it's so different actually working near this huge transportation. But sometimes, it sucks, like last week. Being in fast food, I never realized how temporary your job could be. I've met so many people, and honestly, a month will go by without seeing a person ("Where' John?") and come to find out, they got fired, and no one knew except the Managment. ("Aw, that's awful!")

So, here' the thing. One of the manager's had called someone a "F****** Bitch" in front of the counter, hence, the customers. Obviously, he was fired. Yet, a couple days ago, they asked him to come back! Am I dumb, or is that a retard move? On top of that, because of the situation, the general manager of the store, the big honcho (actually, she's like three inches tall) put in for her two weeks. For those who don't know, putting in your "two weeks" means after that amount of time, your done. You quit after that. So, since she did that, ANOTHER manager put in his two weeks, someone got fired AND rehired, and two other workers put in their two weeks as well.
I have to be careful if I'm going to stay out of this mess. That's why I draw, that's why I do my art. To vent, to do something better than what I'm doing the rest of the crappy day. And sometimes it is fun at my job, u know, but that's all it is. A job, and that alone is temporary.

My shop is called "One Rich Girl". Its designs aren't just for rich girls, but it's more about the lifestyle and what people think a rich girls acts like. For example, one of my shirts says "I only brought you to hold my bags." See, clever huh? It's about attitude, and taking what you want, or having it being given to you. A lot of girls are spoiled today, but it's not just the parents. The media, music, television..everything is bigger, and better, and more expensive now. People have to run to keep up with these celebrity trends and fashins, not to mention all of the rumors surrounding them that we're blinded by the fact that they are just people. And some of them were not rich to start with. I have a quote that might be on a shirt soon. "Paris was smart enough to be born into the right family!" U can't say it isn't true...


So, Jacy, what do you think of the movie Supersize Me? Does it make you hate McDonalds? or do you just not care either way. I'm just curious, that's all.

Jacy's got two great shops and I didn't want to feature just one. The link in the title and the "bag" design on the top of the post both bring you to the One Rich Girl Shop and the "hat" design at the bottom of the blog with take you to Jacy's Starvin' Art Shop. Make sure to check out both because they're both totally original and BurnTees loves both equally (and not like my mom says I love you both equally, cause I know she's lying). Also, check out more of Jacy's work at Art Wanted.com and her brand new blog at onerichgirl.blogspot.com.